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  5. "他们一共要买八条裙子。"


Translation:They are buying eight dresses altogether.

November 21, 2017



I think "they want to buy 8 dresses in total" should be acceptable, too.


Me too! I've always been taught that ”要“ means "want" or in some cases "need".


I have same thinking !They want to by 8 dresses in total.


In my understanding, "要买" means "want to buy".


I can't find "要买" as a compound word anywhere so wouldn't this "要" mean "want"? I know it can be used in negative commands but this translation makes it look like it means the present tense, "are buying" as opposed to "want to buy". What am I missing?


A lot of times I've heard 要 used in the sense of "I'm intending to do this and there's no question that I'm going to" (basically I will...). In Wiktionary under the pronunciation yào the 2nd definition is "will; going to" so 要 just has multiple meanings that we're used to having separate words for in English (but we do have uses like "It is the king's will that the traitor should die" where the meanings of want and will are rather mixed)


The English all together, which is the correct usage here, should be accepted. Altogether is an adverb, as in he was altogether correct.


裙子 means skirt.....


I think it might also mean dress in Chinese


In my opinion, 她 and 他 cannot be distinguished by hearing. If Duolingo regards the sentence 她们一共买八条裙子 as wrong, it is almost double wrong, because 'dress' is used primarily for women's and girls' clothing.


裙子 is being translated as dress at times and as skirt at times. It is skirt, right?


Yes according to my dictionary and google translate it means "skirt"


Why 要 and not 在?


在 implies that you are stressing that they are currently in the act of buying the dresses. There's no reason that 在 would be wrong; we need more context...


"Altogether they want to buy eight skirts" was my bid, and I think is arguably ok?


Please help me 条 = pair (a pair ) in my language its mean 2 pcs , one pair is consist of two similar things. So 八条 = 16 dresses? Or pair here just like a pair of trouser? A pair of shoes? Does a dress come in a pair?


My understanding is that 条 means a strip of something, and is used as the counter or measure word for long, thin things, including dresses, pants (trousers), also rivers, etc. So, when it's used with pants, it is often translated as a pair of pants, but that's a bit misleading, as pants are singular in some languages and plural (i.e. a pair) in others. Here it is not translated as a pair. If one insisted on translating it, the result would be something like "they want to buy eight articles of dresses," which isn't good English. (Am I making sense?)


No. No. No. Reported... "They want to buy 8 dresses altogether" should be accepted.


Accepted now Dec2018


But it is not accepting "Altogether they want to buy eight dresses". Sigh!


And here also i'll keep reporting it about extra word "要" until they fix it :)


Why "need to" is not acceptable? "are going to" "are ~ing" have been taught as "会".


Christ, first they rejected "They want to buy eight dresses altogether", and now they rejected "They are buying altogether eight dresses." I think i've had enough...


In my opinion is this translation wrong. I can not find the translation for "are buying" at all.


'They are altogether buying eight dresses' is the same as the answer


Both "want to buy" and "will buy" are correct here. You need context to properly translate this one. The English "altogether" (entirely, completely, etc.) is confused with "all together." A better way to be clear (lacking context) would have been to use "想" (Xiǎng) meaning "to think" but in this case would be "to think to do (something)." A double compound needed for character number balance is 想要Xiǎngyào (to want, to desire to).


When will you update, I think you should take in account more seriously these remarks, as "要买" means without any doubts "want to buy". Your translation is wrong


她们 isn't accepted... even though they're buying dresses.


FFS duolingo!!!!!!!! Not accepting "Altogether, they're buying 8 dresses"?? The Chinese alternate answers problem is EXTREMELY serious and you're seemingly making no effort to fix it

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