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  5. "那双蓝色的鞋子不好看。"


Translation:That pair of blue shoes is not good-looking.

November 21, 2017



"blue pair of shoes" was marked wrong. It is correct English and is the same as "pair of blue shoes" Please fix!


According to gingersoftware , quantity (pair) comes before color (blue). So pair of blue shoes is grammatically correct.


But "pair" is not a quantity, but a counter, so the rules regarding the order or modifers do not apply.


I could be finished with this tree already if they would accept any of my answers.


"What makes you say that"


. . . are not good looking should also work


"That pair of blue shoes is not good-looking" is terrible English. It's so frustrating when Duolingo forces you to write such twaddle in order to pass!


Yes, I agree with you 100%. It is very frustrating!


That pair of blue shoes don't look good. What's wrong with that, duolingo?


One day they may figure out that in English we can use either is or are when you refer to pants.

It's more common in a statement like this to say "That pair of blue shoes ARE not good-looking." According to English grammar you can use either IS or ARE with pairs of objects because a singular pair is also two of something so more like a plural.

Of course if you write "That pair of blue shoes are not good-looking" they mark you wrong, but you are in fact correct.


"that pair of blue shoes is ugly" rejected


Ugly is 难看, 不好看 just means doesn't look good


What is the difference between "ugly" and "doesn't look good" ?


"Ugly" is often stronger than "doesn't look good.“ "Doesn't look good is softer, though you don't want to say that someone doesn't look good unless you're talking about something they know doesn't look good on them, such as a shirt or a pair of pants. It's complicated...


Actually, it's the same in English. Whether it's a person or an item. The only difference is one sounds more polite ("softer"), but it doesn't change the meaning.

"Tom is ugly" = "Tom is not good-looking"
"Jane is dumb" = "Jane is not smart"
"Kathy is fat" = "Kathy is overweight"

[deactivated user]

    I am wondering if the sentence could be translated in English as; That pair of shoes is not looking good. Anyone?


    Not looking good is more to describe health condition or is getting worn out. I would say that to describe a dying plant or for a dirty and torn pair of shoes.


    "Good looking" is almost always used to refer to people. It sounds very odd to my (native speaker) ears to hear a pair of shoes described as "good looking"! Also when referring to a pair both plural and singular are acceptable ("that pair is" and "that pair are"). Multiple bad marks for duo lingo on their English on this one I'm afraid.


    That pair of blue shoes do not look good. Why is this incorrect? Not everyone speaks American English - there are many varieties. It sounds strange to me to say a pair of shoes is not good-looking.


    "blue pair of shoes" should also be a correct answer.


    That pair of blue shoes is ugly rejected


    "Ugly" is a different word completely.


    Ugly should be accepted, but it still wasn't.

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    It seems to me that in English ''ugly'' is right at the opposite end of ''good-looking'' , whereas not good looking is somewhere in the middle.


    On a simple scale:

    1- Good looking, Attractive, Pretty, Beautiful
    2- Plain, Average, Regular, Not special
    3- Ugly, Not good looking, Unattractive

    If someone says a person or thing is not good looking in English, it basically means ugly.


    Anyone happen to know why they decided to use 蓝色 as opposed to 蓝? (Is it, like, a rhythm thing, is there a grammatical reason for it...?)

    [deactivated user]

      My understanding is that 蓝色 is used for things which are blue i.e. blue shoes; 蓝 is the name of the color itself


      I mean... but there seem to be cases where things like 蓝鞋子 are acceptable... (and I mean... it wouldn't make a lot of sense, given that, since 蓝色 needs a 的 after it, and 蓝 doesn't...) (but I don't have a specific example, can anyone confirm that it does show up this way?)

      (also, 色 itself seems to mean "color", at least according to wiktionary and the dictionary I have, so...?)

      [deactivated user]

        Yes, color as in colored. The 的 shows possession in that the color 色 is a trait of the item. Concerning consistency on Duolingo: it does not yet exist on this Chinese offering.


        "That pair of blue shoes doesn't look nice". "Those blue shoes" doesn't necessarily mean a pair (双)


        That pair ..... don't look good marked wrong!


        If "That pair of blue shoes is not good-looking" is right, then why do you reject "That pair of blue shoes don't look nice" which is exactly the same?


        "Looking Good" not "Good Looking"


        Terrible Chinglish again! I put: that blue pair of shoes doesn't look good


        Seriously, got markeed wrong because of using 'are' should be acknowledged as a typo. Then got marked wrong because good looking wasnt hyphenated. Feels the chinese one is really broken conpared to the other languages...


        ... is looking not good


        "That pair of blue shoes don't look nice" should also be acceptable. More literal, but I don't think it sounds unnatural.

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