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  5. "这是什么音乐?"


Translation:What music is this?

November 21, 2017



Is the sound of 乐 right, when we click on it? It sounds like "lue" or something like that to me.


This character has multiple pronunciations, in this context it is wrong indeed


I'd say what song should be accepted, since it's more common in English usage


I am not very far in Mandarin yet but I know 歌曲 as song and 音乐 as music.


I also wrote song in order to check if it was accepted. I understand why it was not, there are a couple of issues:

  1. music can be used in a plural form in Chinese, but translating "那些音乐" to "those music" is definitely weird;
  2. instrumental music is not sung and thus a composition or a music piece would be preferable to a song when referring to this type of music (English Stack-Exchange example)...

In order to solve these, this phrase could be changed to "这是什么歌?" = "What song is this?" and another phrase could be added where the music (音乐) concept was introduced, e.g.: "谁写这些古典音乐?" = "Who wrote these classical music pieces?"


What song is this is requesting the title of the specific song.

What music is this is requesting the genre or the origin of the music i.e. folk music, pop music, or Greek music, Indian music, e.t.c.


Most people would include the word 'type' as in "what type of music..." hence why many are finding this sentence controversial.


I wouldn't say it's "more common"; to me, at least, "what song" and "what music" mean different things. A song is a specific, discrete, relatively short piece of music, usually with lyrics. If I were asking about, for example, continuous instrumental background music, I wouldn't call it a "song"; I'd ask "What music is this?"


But we were primarily learning Chinese.


How would you say what type of music is this? I guess it would be similar to the English "what genre is this".


這是甚麼音樂?is OK enough. I expect the answer can be pop, classic, jazz, country, rock...

But if you want to be more accurate, you can say

這是甚麼種類的音樂?What kind / type of music is this?

這是甚麼類型的音樂? What genre of music is this?

Genre is usually translated as 類型.


Traditional Chinese: 這是甚麼音樂?


Can I also say “What song is this?"


It really depends. Music is 音乐. And song is 歌曲 or 歌. But usually Chinese understand it when you say either of them since it's always based on the context.


DL's translation is not "spot on". The correct translation is "what type (or kind) of music is this?" That is, Eric Spanner translated the question correctly.


In what context would someone ask this question? What are they asking about? The kind of music/genre? I dont think the English translation really makes sense tbh


I said type and its wrong?!


"What is this music?" was also marked correct.


Can't it be "What song is this"?

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