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  5. "我今天没有吃饭,现在很饿!"


Translation:I did not eat any food today, now I'm hungry!

November 21, 2017



"I haven't eaten today so now I'm very hungry" was rejected but I think it's fine. Further, duolingo sometimes has "so" in these situations and sometimes doesn't but only accepts one way each time so impossible to even play along


You should report every correct answer marked as wrong.


It just stinks that there are so many like this and so few corrections made.


I agree. I guess the volunteers don't have time to keep updating it.


They are trying. I have received an email saying my answer was accepted.


Honestly, I'd love to help the course, but I have no idea where to sign up.


I sometimes get no such emails for weeks then suddenly I get a dozen per day and then it stops again. I guess this means it's not somebody's paid job to check them?


Then maybe beta testing new courses is not a good fit for you.


Agreed. Duo, you need to be more flexible.


Since 所以我.... is not written, translations with or without "so" or "therefore" should be accepted.


Have just started the module, so I don't know about consistency. However, suo yi is the word for "so" and there is no suo yi in the sentence. Otherwise, I agree with you. There are many acceptable English permutations Duolingo should consider here.


"I didn't eat anything today, I'm very hungry now" is an acceptable answer too, no?


I think it should be. I'm going to report it.


me too, my answer was considered wrong answer


Don't report it, because if you report things that other people have already reported, they won't actually look at it.


"Today I didn't eat food, I am very hungry now" rejected


they didnt even add "所以" to tell us that they expected so to be in the answer


They didn't even accept the answer as two sentences to tell us that "所以" and "so" don't have to translate literally one hundred percent of the time.


I hate these sentences (while in beta). They offer so many possible variations that you are almost bound to get them wrong until we finally have managed to report everything.


thats the negative aspect of chinese. its always nearly impossible to get an exact translation


No, that's a negative aspect of the Beta course. The English language offers many correct translations for almost anything, so the only solution is simply that DL covers all the correct translations.


Then maybe beta testing new courses is not a good fit for you.


"I have not eaten today. Now I am hungry!" is rejected and corrected to "I have not eaten today, so now i am hungry."

It doesn't make any sense that I need to connect the two clauses with "so" when the official answer uses two sentences.

Also, the suggested answer needs some work: "I" has to be capitalized in English and the final punctuation should be an exclamation mark.


It's utterly normal in translation that the number of sentences don't match up exactly one-to-one between two very different languages.

The version with two sentences should be accepted. I'll keep suggesting it until it's added.


if "so" is required in the english, "所以" must be missing from the chinese


It shouldn't be required. It should also accept the English version as two sentences. I just reported it that way as a missing answer.


I am not a native speaker, but I believe that this should be present perfect in English. On top of that there doesn't need to be any "so".


You are right. Today isn't completed yet, so past simple is actually wrong here.


Didn't accept "I did not eat today", needed the "eat any food today". Then it wouldn't accept "I'm hungry now"; wanted "Now I'm hungry"


"I did not eat any food today"?! Who speaks like that? What else can one eat? Should be "I did not eat today", but alas, this answer was rejected!


"C'mon. I didn't eat today. I'm hungry now!" should be alright too


My answer was incorrect for missing the word 'so' - my answer was "I haven't eaten today, I'm hungry now!" because the words for 'so' were not present (所以) ... but nor is the implied "I'm"


The 'correct translation' here is without the 'so', but if you translate it with a present perfect tense, which is the actual correct translation, it requires the 'so'. I wrote 'I haven't eaten anything today, now I'm very hungry' and it was turned down and corrected to 'I haven't eaten anything today, so now I'm very hungry'.

And the Chinese sentence doesn't even imply the usage of 'so'.


The Chinese sentence does imply a causal connection, which can be expressed with 'so'. In these types of sentences, the 所以 is optional in Chinese and the 'so' is optional in English. They just don't have a full list of accepted translations. Keep suggesting them.


"I haven't eaten today. Now im hungry." Was not accepted. Seems like its clearly the same meaning. Just an fyi.


"I haven't eaten anything today; now I am very hungry" should've been correct. Fix it, Duo!


They only make fixes based on the report button. Which doesn't always have a selection for what is wrong.


"I did not eat any food today. Now I'm very hungry." was rejected because I added 'very', it should be correct since you have character '很' in the sentence... Please correct it ASAP


The 很 is required in Chinese whether or not the speaker means "very". Thus it's ambiguous and in translation it can be translated to "very" or left out. Both are correct.


If you go back to the tips for the 'Greetings' lesson, it will explain the use of 很. It is used as a connector between a noun and an adjective. It has taken me awhile, but I am getting used to the usage.


This should really be okay.


Today I didn't eat any food.


It's a bit of an awkward sentence in Chinese, like what a non-native speaker or a child might say. I would change it to: "我今天没有吃饭. 现在我很饿!" or "我今天没有吃饭,所以我 现在很饿!"


wrote "i did not eat today; i am hungry" food is implied; i imagine there are many potential variations. hard to account for them all


“i didn't eat today, now i'm hungry" wrong? really?


This has just made me freakin' MAD


Oh I see you missed "so" in your answer even though it wasn't indicated. That's going to be a fail for you, young learner.


What else can you eat except of food? and can anybody tell me where is "any food" in Chinese phrase? Maybe, "I have not eaten today...." would be accepted?


吃饭 can mean 'to have a meal'. "I have not eaten today' is also acceptable, it needs to be included in the correct answers.


It's really complicated to guess the correct translation that can be accepted in this case. I failed twice...


My answer is equivalent, you should have included it.


Can you eat something else than food?


I did not eat food today. Now I'm hungry. was rejected. "Any" is optional here in English, so "eat food" should have been accepted.


Annoyingly it has a capital N on Now, which leads you to think it starts with, Now I'm hungry.


"food" should have been implied and not have to been written.


Come on, Duo. This should be acceptable: I didn't eat today. I am hungry now.


'Today I didn't eat any food. Now I'm hungry' is exactly the same and is never accepted. This is frustrating


Today I didn't eat anything now I am by hungry. Was rejected, I don't understand.


"I haven't eaten today, I'm very hungry now!" apparently incorrect


"I haven't eaten anything today, I'm very hungry now!" not accepted


I did not eat today. Now I am hungry. No accepted I am learning Chinglish and Chinese


"I did not eat any food today" isn't a very natural English sentence. "I haven't eaten anything today" would be more natural English.


I haven't eaten today and now I am hungry.


The comma in the translation is not correct punctuation in English; it should be a semicolon.


I didn’t eat anything today, now I’m hungry! = Accepted: 20 jan. 2020.


"I haven't eaten today, I am very hungry." This sentence should be accepted as a correct answer.


This is what I answered and it shows as wrong


I just want to punch duo every time i get this question. Correct answer marked wrong


Where is "any food" in the Chinese sentence?


Some of the definitions of 饭 are 'food, cuisine, cooked rice, meal'. I use mandarintools.com - CEDICT Chinese/english dictionary - to look up characters. Scroll to the bottom of the main page to find the link for the dictionary.


"I didn't eat today. I am hungry now." Should be accepted, as it is exactly what it means! Jeez..


"Today I ate no food. Now I am hungry" was not accepted. It is a correct translation. Please fix!


"Today I didn't eat any food. Now I am hungry" is correct, but was marked wrong. Please fix! Duo lingo is far too rigid in assessing English sentences. This one in particular can be translated many ways, and all are correct, as was my answer.


"I haven't eaten any food today. Now I am hungry" is yet another correct translation, not accepted by DuoLingo. This is very frustrating. Please fix!


You have to click on the report button. They don't use the discussion forum to look for other answers.


The report button did not give the option "my answer should be accepted" in this case. In another instance of this problem, I checked "the sound is not right" but that was not the problem. The problem was that I had correct answers that were not being credited.


"I did not eat food today I am hungry now" - NOT ACCEPTED. The coders here are unresponsive idiots.


The provided first part triggered a typo alert in the solution box

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