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New languages?

Im thankful to know that duolingo has many languages to learn but I was wondering if we can suggest new languages? Personally I would like to learn Bosnian (which is similar to Croatian and Serbian) and is curious if anyone else would want to ask for a suggestion

November 21, 2017



See this link for where to post this suggestion. https://www.duolingo.com/discussion

Look for: Sticky[GUIDE] I would like a new course: What should I do?


If you support a Bosnian course, please also support a Serbian, Croatian, and Montenegrin course. They're all closely related dialects of Serbo-Croatian that all deserve equal attention. :]


I agree, making four different courses would probably be unnecessary, but if there ever would come a Serbo-Croatian course, I wonder which variant would be picked; any choice will probably piss off people from the other variants.


Yeah, which is why for stability, all four dialects should be picked.


Unfortunately, Duolingo have already stated that they won't teach dialects. They've made it clear that they have no plans to teach different dialects of Chinese or Arabic, for example, and these are sometimes not mutually comprehensible. The chances to see four courses for four perfectly mutually comprehensible dialects are somewhere between minimal and non-existing, I think. My guess is that, if Duolingo decides to teach BCSM languages they will either teach a standardised version, if one exists, or teach the dialect spoken by the largest amount of people (which I think is Serbian).


Sounds a bit too idealistic. They might as well add European Spanish and Portuguese, Flemish Dutch, Austrian German and other variants of existing courses.


A vote for Nahuatl pals?


Never heard of Bosnian, but totally support new languages. I honestly want Latin, even though I've already learned a bit.


Punjabi would be awesome


My native launguage is Bosnian, I can help you. :)

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