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  5. "每个学生需要上科学课。"


Translation:Every student needs to attend science class.

November 21, 2017



"Every student needs to take science class" is wrong wtf, please learn more English Duolingo


I feel "take" is slightly American, but then Duolingo does use American English (rather than British) as its benchmark, so yeah... wtf


As an Australian I also feel "take" is a bit American but then I also don't think "attend" is quite the same so I can't think of an adequate British or Australian equivalent. (It's a long time since I've gone to school though.)


What's the difference? Every student needs to take a science class or Every student needs to attend science class.


Maybe that “take” technically only refers to the act of putting that class on ones schedule but not necessarily actually going there (e.g. I can take a course but never show up and only do the final exam)? But I guess that distinction would be pretty nit-picky…


You are correct and the distinction is not nit-picky. "Taking a class" only means you are registered for it or on the official roster. "Attending a class" means you are physically present at a specific time and place.

When people "take online courses" they are usually free to do coursework at any time and any location. You won't hear people say, "I'm attending an online course this semester." However, it is possible to "attend" a live online chatroom discussion from 5-6 pm on Wednesday.


"Every student needs to take science class." shouldn't be wrong.


I can't think of a situation where that sentence would be correct. It needs the article "a".


There are a LOT of universal replacements that need to be allowed on this course. Here, "has to" should be allowed as an alternative to "needs to".


... that's wrong English...


that translation is wrong english


"Every student has to attend science class" - rejected


it is accepted now


I wrote 'Every student must come to science class'. I wouldn't usually use the word 'attend'.

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