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  5. "The paths are long."

"The paths are long."

Translation:Die Wege sind lang.

November 21, 2017



What is the difference between Weg, Route and Strecke? They seem all the same to me


Oops, maybe I read the comment wrong. It was the hints that said that.

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Hovering over the word "paths" says Weg is plural, which is incorrect.


Is Weg commonly translates as path? Is it not way?


A Weg can be either an abstract “way” or a concrete “path”.


Why is it not "lange", considering that "Wege" is plural.


Because predicate adjectives (e.g. after the verb "to be") don't have any gender/number/case endings in German.

Der Mann ist nett. Die Frau ist nett. Das Kind ist nett. Alle Menschen sind nett.


Why not.. .Die strecken sind lang....?


Why not.. .Die strecken sind lang....?

Die Strecken sind lang. (with capitalised Strecken) is one of the accepted translations.

Since capitalisation is usually ignored by Duo, your sentence should have been accepted as well.


Is this sentence accusative? Anybody to please share how to know if a sentence is accusative? Danke


Is this sentence accusative?

Sentences aren't accusative, or dative, or any particular case.

Parts of sentence are in a case, to show their role in the sentence (e.g. subject, indirect object, direct object, expression of time).

The verb in this sentence is a form of sein "to be". This is a linking verb (copula) that links a subject to a predicate that says something about the subject. Both the subject and the predicate are in the nominative case. werden "to become" is another verb that acts similarly.

There is no direct object in this sentence and nothing in the accusative case.

Most verbs that "act on" an object have that object in the accusative case.

But some verbs take an object in the dative case, e.g. helfen (to help) or folgen (to follow). Those have to be learned as exceptions.


Thanks Mizinamo! This is very helpful! Answers a lot of my questions.

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