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"Je půl čtvrté ráno, ale on nespí."

Translation:It is half past three in the morning, but he is not sleeping.

November 21, 2017



"... but he doesn't sleep" is refused. Sometimes my english could be the problem, but on this one, I don't get it. Any light ?


In general, you use present continuous to talk about things happening at a given time.


It is three thirty in the morning, but he is not sleeping wasn't accepted. Why??


There are several translations that accept "three thirty." But without knowing exactly what you wrote, we can't tell you why your answer was not accepted.


Read what I wrote again please, I wrote exactly what my answer was...


I also reported it as my answer should be accepted so you guys have that too.


My apologies for moving too quickly. "It is three thirty in the morning, but he is not sleeping" is accepted, and it has been for at least two years. Unfortunately, I do not see a current report for that translation; perhaps Duo is developing a new bug.


I dont understand why ctvrte turns into 3 sometines and why jedna turns into 12 when dealing with time. Why?


That is how time works in Czech and some other languages. Půl čtvrté means a half of the fourth hour, that means three o'clock and a half.

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