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Specific Words are Untrainable: Strength System broken or is my Profile corrupted?

I have found many words that say that I have not trained them for a year when I have specifically trained the original topic they came from. Both by training weak words in the topic and by completing every sub lesson individually.

Is the strength system broken or is my profile corrupted, or is it a mixture of the two?

Also generally it would be nice to have a system specific to only training weakest words. Perhaps by general categories such as adjective or noun etc.

My main Problem is that the System just appears broken at the moment.

November 21, 2017



That is a very old bug.
I don't think they will ever fix it, because the newer courses don't have a "Words tab".


That is a shame :'(. I hope they do fix it eventually though. The more people that kick off about it the better. Then it might get sorted.

I would of thought it would be a relatively easy fix to make but also a very important one.

Max that kind of thing should take is only a couple of days for a good programmer. Unless it is a systemic Problem/requires a redesign of the entire System maybe thats why they havent done it.

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