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  5. "I will cook today!"

"I will cook today!"

Translation:Eu o să gătesc azi!

November 21, 2017



This is appearing as "choose the correct translations of "I will cook today!". One of the correct translations is apparently "Eu am să gătesc azi!" Does this mean "I have to cook today", or am I misunderstanding this?


Both "Eu am să gătesc azi" and "Eu o să gătesc azi" mean the same thing. You can just consider them variations of one another. Kinda like "I will cook today" and "I'll cook today".

If you have to cook today, you would say "Eu trebuie să gătesc azi".


Why " eu o sa gatesc azi" - eu in front of "o sa" but "cand eu o sa coboare" was marced as wrong?

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