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  5. "我妈妈做的蛋糕很好吃。"


Translation:The cakes my mother makes are tasty.

November 21, 2017



Just very happy to see 我妈妈 instead of 我的妈妈!


why?!? what's the difference between the two and when does one use one over the other?


The second set of characters has 的. Both sets of character have the same meaning. In this case use of 的 is personal preference. When it is a close personal relationship you do not need to use 的.
我的老师 我老师 both are: my teacher
她的爷爷 她爷爷 both are: her grandfather

I think it was explained in the module 'family 1'


Thanks (it may have been explained earlier, but DL has never to this point, as far as I can remember, omitted the 的 for family members, only for the phrase 我家


"My mother makes delicious cakes." should also be accepted.


The way you phrased it changes the syntax without needing to, so I don’t think it should be accepted. But “The cakes my mother makes are (very) delicious” definitely should be.


"The cakes my mother makes are so tasty" is accepted, too.


My identical answer was not accepted. Strange.


This sentence is trying to test the Chinese equivalent of an English relative clause, which your sentence does not have. Your sentence moves the relative clause in such a way that the subject of the sentence changes (from cakes to mother) as does the main verb (from are to makes), and consequently the predicate changes from an adjectival one (tasty) to an object of the main verb (delicious cakes).

Your sentence, written in Chinese, is 我妈妈做很好吃的蛋糕。" The same characters, in a different order. Notice the descriptor of 蛋糕 (which is now 很好吃) no longer contains an action verb.


This was just accepted for me.


Why is there a 的 here?


The 的 links the phrase preceding it to the noun following it. So, in this sentence, 我妈妈做 ("my mother made [it]") is used to describe 蛋糕 (the cake). In English, we would put the descriptive phrase after the noun ("The cake that my mother made"), but in Chinese, it comes before the noun ("The my-mother-made-[it] cake").


Yes, in Chinese it seems that "mother-made" is just like "home-made" so "My mother-made cakes are tasty." Is a way to say it. ??


It isn't saying 'mother maid' like 'home made', it is saying 'made by my mother'. If you were a mom and talking about the cakes you made, then OK.


I'm a bit confused by when this appears and when it doesn't. What would be the difference between 我看书 and 我看的书?


To show the cake was made by the mother, even though we can assume that from the phrase.


The way it's phrased could either mean a single cake or multiple.


I used the singular 'cake' also.
I ran the characters through an online translator, the results were:
'My mom made a good cake'.
When I ran the English answer (from above) through the translator the results were the characters provided.
It appears this phrase could be taken either way.


My mother makes tasty cakes.


Why 我妈妈 instead of 我的妈妈?


"的" can be dropped for inalienable possession like child-mother possession.


I translate this to: My Mom's cakes are very good.


While the fact that "my mom" made the cakes seems obvious in your translation this formula wouldn't work for lots of other similar statements: "My mom makes great clothes" vs "My mom's clothes are great".


So I got dinged for 'cake' instead of 'cakes'. I'm telling on you little owl!


Just curious to know whether there is a 'that' sentence in Chinese, i. e how should sound 'The cakes, (that) my mother makes/made. From the example it seems to me that we just omit the' that' part in Chinese, or simply use 'past partciple', so mothermade cakes. Thanks


I would really like to have seen the English word "that" in this phrase. This version just seems lazy.


Yummy should be accepted here. ^^


"The cakes my mom makes really takes the cake" should be accepted. Lol jk jk


Can we drop 的 in this sentence. 我妈妈做蛋糕 ...


No. 我妈妈做 is the descriptor for the noun 蛋糕 and except for very basic descriptors, you need to use 的 to connect them.


how do we say: The cakes that mom makes are delicious?


My mother's cake is very delicious..... << In the UK we would say this.


The cakes made by my mothers are tasty.


More than one mother?


'The cakes mum makes' should be accepted as well. The 'my' is not necessary, when talking about mother.


this english is very poor.. should be accept the poor answer too!


No one ever says in English a cake is "tasty".

We might say however that a cake tastes good. Tasty is usually reserved for savoury (non-sweet) food, like tasty meat or a tasty dish, but not a sweet sugary cake.

They should replace it with delicious or something more like "The cakes my mother makes taste good".


Don't we? First time I've heard that (native speaker)


Well the people who work at Disney use the word tasty to describe cakes.

Serve up a slice of Disney magic with this tasty cake recipe featuring its very own hidden Mickey!


There is also a US brand called "tastykake" which is a play on "tasty cake."


This is improper English. My mother's cakes are tasty.


It should have been "The cakes my mother 'make' are tasty."


Since we can assume it's "mother" and not "mothers" (barring lesbian parent-chefs), "makes" is correct.


Yup. Make/makes depends on the number of cooks, not the number of cakes, which I think was the confusion above.


"The cake that my mothers is so delicious" should also be accepted


No, that sentence is completely wrong.

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