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Is there a way to boost xp points?

I'm amazed at how many xp points some users have across several languages. I've seen some users who are at level 25 across several languages, so at least 30, 000 a pop, but they haven't stopped there. Each lesson I do is awarded 10xp points. I can't help but wonder if there's a way to earn more than 10xp points per lesson, or earn them outside of lessons? The only other way I have come across is by doing a placement test which immediately boosts it. But that's a one off and only works if you do have some prior knowledge. Am I missing something?

November 21, 2017



Many long-term users collected XPs by using Immersion translations, which is gone.

You can collect up to 20XP with a timed practice;
but the timer drives me crazy and "DuoLessonsFix" user script is not compatible anymore with the new Scala 2017 web portal :( :(

Spanish / Portuguese Duo BETA labs stories: You can collect 2XP per correctly answered question.


thanks Thomas. Curious what Immersion translations was and whether it earnt the xp points faster. I hear what you are saying about the timer being annoying. Out of interest though, did you feel like you were earning points twice as fast or does it take twice as long as a 10xp ordinary lesson?


Immersion translation was a collaborative interface for translating real world texts from target language into base language. You got very few points initially, but after a while if you did it consistently, and people upvoted your work a lot, you would get a lot of points based on length of translated sentence. So you could get hundreds of points an article.

It leant itself heavily to abuse. Users interested only in points, not learning, would load it up with garbage (or obscene text, or Google Translate bogosity) just for points and make fake accounts to both upvote their own work and participate with more nonsense. . But users such as myself who really wanted to learn found it invaluable. I was working on a group translation of Manzoni’s famous early 19th century Italian novel “i Promessi Sposi” with a group of friends, and it was the single best language learning experience I have had in my life.

It was also, in the very early stages of Duolingo, a way of monetizing the site (crowd sourced translations to clients who would pay for it), but this proved completely unfeasible due to lack of any quality control.

At any rate, there was more abuse than not, and it took a lot of programming space, so it is gone.


Thanks for your very informative and interesting reply Dcarl1. What a shame it was abused and it's gone, sounds awesome and I would have loved to have been involved. I particularly enjoyed your comment "it was the single best language learning experience I have had in my life"..that's fabulous and I relate to the joy of it. I also like that you have mentioned a good Italian novel to read as previously I was on the lookout for one. The best I could come up with at the time was "the name of the rose" which is still on my bucket list. I'll have to check out “i Promessi Sposi”, hopefully available in digital form somewhere. Cheers mate


You can buy timed practices in the lingot store, that way you earn 1xp per right answer.


thanks mate. 1xp is not much. Do you find that earns them quicker than the 10xp per lesson?


Hedwig: You earn 1 point per correct answer in timed practice , but it goes quickly . One can get 20 XP (20/20) in just a couple minutes.


oh, ok, thanks tech274. Good to know


Yeah I really think it does, but then it depends on how much you know the language. A normal practice can go forever if you make mistakes, a timed practice has a maximum of 20 questions but less if you're too slow or make mistakes, so it really depends ou you.

To answer your second question, I only used immersion for English but kept the goal of keeping some of my trees golden, and that's those you see level 25. Languages have been a big part of my life for the past two years and I see Duolingo has a game so I usually spend time on it instead of doing other things during my free time. Anyway, I'm not sure it's most efficient way if you really want to learn a language, but that's how I keep the motivation up. Also, it's been really easy with romance languages as my native language is French and timed practices really take me 1 to 2 min for 17-20xp. I'm struggling a bit more with the new languages I'm learning but that's more interesting ;)

I don't know what you want to achieve with Duolingo, if it's just playing with languages like me or really being able to speak languages fluently in the end but I can advise you if you want ;)


thanks dorian. ok, the timed practices sound like a good way to boost things, but still, impressive dedication and achievements. Congrats. I note you say your native French and you've got French at level 12, presumably doing the "back tree" to learn English [yet your English strikes me as native..I wouldn't have spotted it as non native, which I usually can] " I only used immersion for English "...I know what immersion is, but not sure what you're trying to say in this instance. Do you mean even though your native language is French, you did all the other languages [eg Spanish] from English? ..so you are learning/improving two languages at the same time? If so, I presume that goes really well for you as your English is perfect. It sounds like a great idea though. I'd be tempted to do it between Chinese and French, or better still, between French and either Spanish or Italian [which might not be a bad idea as it might help me highlight the differences and not mix them up]

Yeah, I think motivation is key and whatever keeps it up is worth sticking at. Ultimately I'd like to speak the various languages. That for me is the most fun, being able to have a conversation. But I enjoy all aspects of the languages and am doing it just for fun.

Thanks for offers of advice. I still feel like I'm reasonably new to this site [though I joined a few months ago with a big break, but haven't done much outside the lessons] so still don't know all the functionality. There's no PM feature is there?


Thanks for your comment about my English, I still think I have to improve it but I really appreciate it!

My level 12 in French is just because I finished the tree some evening when I was bored, which went pretty fast with the shortcuts. I wanted to see how French was taught as I'm interested in teaching French in the future.

Concerning the languages, I usually learn romance languages from French as it's usually closer and easier to remember the grammar and most words. Then I tend to learn other languages from English from English for the same reasons with germanic background and because there are way more languages from English than from French. I was tempted to learn Portuguese and Italian from English as the trees are bigger than from French but I prefer learning new vocabulary on Memrise than spending more time on Duolingo.

If you're learning for fun Duolingo is great, especially for reading, it doesn't really help with listening and speaking. And not there's no PM on Duolingo, though I joined a Discord server (Official Unofficial Duolingo Discord) where people from all over the world discuss languages and Duolingo and other stuff


Far out man, just noticed you have 5 languages at level 25!! with going on 45000 for italian and the others not far off that. How did you do it? How long have you been at it? How much time do you spend each day on Duolingo? I hope you don't mind me asking. 佩服佩服!


Just did a quick rough calculation. If it were to take 10 minutes on average to do a standard lesson and that's worth 10xp points then I reckon it equates to roughly 1xp point per minute. So I reckon your 45000 would thus take me 750 hours. That would equate to an roughly an hour EVERY DAY for about 2 years, and thats just one language. To do it for 5! Does that mean 5 hours a day, every day for 2 years? Heck! I hope you'll share how you've done it. I'm super impressed! I'm super keen, but don't think I'll be able to manage that!! Defs would love to have those skills though.

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