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What is you home language?

A new discussion for you guys! Hi guys, please follow me, I will try to post a new discussion every week, so be sure to check that! Here the discussion!

November 21, 2017



Another Dutch speaker here :-) Just out of curiosity: why are you doing the Dutch course if you're a native speaker?


Speaking for myself (German):

  • fun

  • points and lingots ;-) (not really)

  • curiosity (what do they teach people there?)

  • to help learners

  • because AFAIK I can choose my courses every way I want (i.e. I can take High Valyrian from English, but also English from [native language] ...meaning, not only "XY from English" courses just because my account is set to English), but I missed out on that when I signed up and I'm not gonna change it now.


פאר מיך סי יידיש אויך :)


hoi lizzy dat is grappig dat jij ok nederlands spreekt


Castellano no más. Vivo en el Cono Sur, un área del mundo que tristemente hoy es muy monolingüe a causa de la muerte o casi muerte de las lenguas indígenas (Only Spanish. I live in the Southern Cone of South America, a sadly monolingual zone in the world because of extinction or near to extinction of indigenous languages).


Le amaze english. Hehe... dad also speaks a bit of japanese at home. I grumble in Greek and Italian.


English. They're not speaking Spanish to my siblings so they can be ridiculed by my parents when they become older AFAIK.


English is my home language, however, my mother was a military child, so she also became somewhat proficient in German. So, I grew up learning some words. Also, my sister knows Spanish, so I also grew up hearing that. However, English is basically the dominant language that is spoken in my home, as of now.

[deactivated user]

    English is my home language


    English is mine. It's the only language I'm fluent in, unless you count Pig Latin.

    [deactivated user]

      [deactivated user]

        English, unless you count speaking PigLatin with my brothers


        English! I know basic Spanish from high school though :)


        Mine is English! But I ALSO speak alien! yadot i tog ytrof tuo fo ytrof no ym stham tset! Olsa, I lliw evig a tognil ot eht nosrep hcihw nac etalsnart siht otni hsilgne! I will give 2 Lingot which can translate that is English! It's easier than you think...


        Congratulations on the passed math test :-)


        De mijne is ook Nederlands.


        Russian and English with my parents/siblings, with grandparents and relatives Arabic, with moms side grandparents Russian. My main language: English, my goal language: German


        German. And I did not know until now, that the expression "home language" can be used in English. I know only "mother tongue" or "native language".

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