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"Řekl, že si ji nikdy nevezme."

Translation:He said that he would never marry her.

November 21, 2017



How would you say "he said that he will never marry her"? (It's not an accepted answer..)


The Czech sentence translates literally as "that he will" rather than as "that he would." However, formal English traditionally requires the past tense "would" instead of "will" in sentences of reported speech that begin with a verb in the past tense (i.e., "he said" rather than "he says.").

So the answer to your question is that the Czech for both those English sentences is the same, whereas only the "would" version is technically correct English. But nowadays many people would say "will" just as readily as "would" in such sentences.


What about the sentence: He told, that he would never marry her? Why it is not accepted?


Musí tam být "that"? Přišlo mi to tu zbytečné...


"He said he would never marry her." is also accepted.

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