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Let's talk history

Hey everybody! Warriorg here! I have a little bit of a challenge for y'all. Have you ever thought about the origins of your language, like: what country did it come from in the first place; did it evolve from another ancient dialect? Challenge: go back in time as far as your language can be traced, then come on back here and show your knowledge! Have fun! SPQR and ciao! warriorg315

November 21, 2017



Hi! I found out some jazzy stuff about Italian. Here it is: Italian is a descendant of vulgar-latin; modern 'standard' Italian is based on Tuscan, especially the Florentine dialect, making it an Italo-Dalmatian language (Sicilian and extinct Dalmatian also belong in that category). Italian is a romance language.


All I could think of when I wrote this was the Dalmatian dog... I'm seeing spots.


well for hebrew it is very long ago. Hebrew as we know it today is a diaclet of canaanite from the kingdom of Judea (circa 800-600bc).In addition, it is also inspired by the diaclet of the northern kingdom of Israel.

But if i have to trace it as much as i can it starts much earlier. I would stop tracing it when it can no longer be understood by a native hebrew speaker(hello all!) . when i have read the "Legend of Aqhat" which was written in ugaritic circa 1400 bc, i didn't even need the translation as i understood about 95% of the words including the grammar. so it started even earlier. Then there is a very long period in canaan without any scripts(as much as i know) the next one i know about is eblaite around 2500bc. Many words are similar but it definetly isn't hebrew and cannot be understood without translation. Many aramaic and akkadian words can also be understood but only because hebrew loaned tons of words from them.

i refered of course only to the language itself and not the script as it changed much over the years. The current hebrew script is in use for about 2500 years( 500bc)

TL:DR: The hebrew language can be traced into a "dark" period somewhere in the early half of the second millenium bc (2000-1500bc) as a diaclet of canaanite (one of many). The script on the other hand can be traced to 500 bc as a loaned writing system from the arameans. hebrew is semitic language of the afro-asiatic language family.


0_0 Wow... That is quite impressive!


Hey, I'm here again... yay. Everything I type out now sounds cooler in my head... because of my prof. picture. Lol

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