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  5. "Do you not have a sister?"

"Do you not have a sister?"

Translation:У вас немає сестри?

November 21, 2017



What's wrong with "Ви не маєте сестру"? Duolingo gives the correct solution as "Ви не маєте сестри." I thought "а" changed to "у" in the accusative case for feminine words.


Я маю сестру - you need to use the accusative case here.

Я не маю сестри - you need to use the genitive case in a negative statement with "to have"


English sentence is wrong

[deactivated user]

    Is it correct as far as the English provided version is concerned??


    Why not у тобі немає сестри?


    You can't use тобi in this case because the construction is "у тебе є/немає." It is confusing because тебе is the genitive/accusative case while тобі is the indirect/locative case of ти so you're probably thinking у/в should go with тобі, but in many cases, тебе is used with у/в.


    In English the answer would be "yes" if you didn't have a sister and "no" if you did have a sister. I hear people say things similar to this and then scratch my head.

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