De vs Des

How come it’s DE petits outils and not DES petits outils

November 21, 2017


According to Monique L'Huillier in "Advanced French Grammar", des becomes d' or de when the noun is preceded by an adjective.

Thus it would be 'des outils' but 'de petits outils'.

In English, one would say 'an orange' but 'a small orange', so the presence of an adjective affects the choice of article there, too.

De rien.

Now, do you know why in this case the adjective goes in front of the noun rather than after it?

You would say 'de petits outils' but 'des outils jaunes'.

It’s de petit outils because the adjective is apart of the BANGS exception and when the adjective is size related it goes in front of the noun monsieur

Oui! C'est parfait.

Théo your twin has already asked the question this morning

Haha it said the last time I tried to ask the question it didn’t work :(

:-) In which sentence ?

It’s not a sentence but the question is a small tool, small tools

No idea. There pretty much the same, but I guess it's like "a" and "an" in English.

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