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typing in the chinese lesson

In lesson one I need to type ni (with an accent on ni) and hao (also with an accent). How do I do that? (MacBook Pro - UK English keyboard).

November 21, 2017



For future reference, you can also type pinyin → Chinese characters with your keyboard.

  1. Open Keyboard Settings (under System Preferences).
  2. Click the Input Sources tab.
  3. Click the + and choose Chinese, Simplified - Pinyin, Simplified.
  4. To switch from the English keyboard to the Pinyin keyboard, click the British flag, a drop-down menu should appear with all the keyboards you have.

Now when you type pinyin (even without accents), it will turn into Chinese characters. The keyboard is predictive, so when you start a sentence with something like "wo shi", the first result that usually pops up is "我是" since that's the most common, but alternatives will show up next to it, and you can pick those too.

And you can switch between English/Chinese quickly in a bind; if you press the caps lock button, you should be able to type in English without pinyin suggestions coming up.


How are you getting pinyin typing exercises? I have never got any such exercises. Is this an A/B test?

[deactivated user]
    1. So, hold down the letter that needs the accent.
    2. Where it is typed on the screen there will be some accent choices.
    3. Still holding down the letter that needs the accent, click the number of the accent you need. (Number is below example of accent)

    So for hâo, hold down the "a" click "3" still holding down the "a"

    [deactivated user]

      I hope that helps!

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