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Duolingo Stories Update (Nov 2017)

I’m excited to announce a new update for Stories!

There are four main changes:

  1. The homepage now contains small illustrations of each story.
  2. If you complete all the stories in a set, the next set will unlock regardless of the score you got in each story. We didn’t think it made sense to force you to replay a story when the content and challenges stay exactly the same. You are still very welcome to replay them to get a better score but this is now optional instead of required. You will still only earn XP based on the number of questions you got correct.
  3. There are now longer multi-part stories. One has been introduced in set 4, and there are three more in set 5. These contain cliff-hangers to keep you coming back for more.
  4. Set 5 has launched with 10 new stories!

We are interested to know what you think after trying the new update!

(For now Stories is only in Spanish and Portuguese, we are very aware that people want these in more languages so there’s no need to leave comments about that.)

November 21, 2017



Is there a way we could join the team to help expand the stories, or are the creators not wishing to expand their team?


I second that! I love the stories and would be happy to help write some.


Seconding this. As a writer, I'd love to help out.


I second this too. I love to write, and as I am a skilled Brazilian Portuguese native speaker, i think that I can help. :)


@SteveRidout I found and pointed out some grammar mistakes over here https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24770650


The content team read that and have already fixed and republished "Alguien me persigue". They are working on the other two stories now. When they are all re-published we'll let you know. Thanks very much!


I'm trying the new stories and I'm updating my report.


Thank you, Steve! I'm looking forward to the future of this project, and others like it!


So. My first Discussion Reply here at the fabulous Duolingo thing. How does this work? If you Reply to me, where will I see it? But more to the point, I am studying Czech and Spanish. I am a native American English speaker.


damn how many languages lol


These is great! Duolingo is finally using our sacrifices (ex. Immersion) for the greater good. I'm still look for Bots on Android and Web. Also, looking for FRENCH Stories. Since French is the 2nd highest learning language for English Speakers; you should really consider that next.

Best of Luck,



Quote from Steve:

(For now Stories is only in Spanish and Portuguese, we are very aware that people want these in more languages so there’s no need to leave comments about that.)


I look forward to them adding French. I recall, back in the day when I was a prospective student visiting UT Austin, I found their French department website with a free online course in French using stories based on animals representing UT Austin, the enemy Texas A, etc. I recall an armadillo. OMG, the Texas A animal speaking French was sooooooo funny. They basically made fun of their rival school by giving them a heavy Texan accent while speaking French. I imagine it's still around, you should look into it... Tangentially, I also attended a play put on by UT's French department wherein there was a fruit and a vegetable character. And this tomato is all like "je suis bi!" because she dates both fruits and vegetables. XD


Woo hoo! Thanks duolingo team! I love these stories!


Thanks for keeping us posted, SteveRidout! Your work is appreciated, and I'm looking forward to seeing how this project works out in the future!


I am a bit fluent in Spanish and I tried a few of the stories out. They were pretty good and helped with building my Spanish vocabulary. I can't thank Duolingo enough...


Yes! I would love to see one In Esperanto! There are not a lot of bookstuff in Esperanto so it will be interesting.


Same! I wish there was a time line. Lernu.net has an amazing storyline for esperanto though.


Esperanto is amazing. I've tried learning a few languages before, but Esperanto is the most interesting one and is also pretty easy, even though I'm a native American English speaker.

So I second this.


The stories really bring learning to another level. I would also love to see some stories based off of history or cultural stories. So in Spanish we could read some simple Don quixote. English could have some King Arthur. No matter what they are great so far.


Thanks a lot Duo staff! ^^ I really love these stories!


YEAH!!! Duolingo stories for the WIN!!!

[deactivated user]

    ★ NICE ★


    Just wanted to say that I love the stories! I'm nearing the end of the learning tree and it's the perfect next step. Thanks!


    I LOVE these stories! I appreciate the addition of the small illustrations! They'll really help my students who are trying to push themselves with more challenging work. I also like the fact that you don't have to repeat the stories, unless you want to. While the repetition would not hurt, and some students may do that on their own, I think that the ability to continue will motivate more of my students! I sincerely hope that these stories do not go away! I think they're great! So do my students. The only real complaint I have is that the XP does not count toward the XP assignments I've created for them. I think this is a useful way to practice, just as much as any lesson in the DuoLingo tree!


    Nice reply ma'am! I've used to love Duolingo too, and now everything's growing up so fast! I hope Duolingo will be more better than all-time, and become the 1st site! By the way, I've got 13 lingots, accept those, because they're all I got, ma'am.


    These are so cool! Thanks to everyone involved!


    I have enjoyed the stories, great job to the developers, great idea and implementation. Can't wait to see the tool reach the less commonly taught languages.

    [deactivated user]

      Love the stories! The voices are great. Thanks Duo


      The stories are very fun! Unfortunately I lost my streak of 45 days because of them. Yesterday I completed two stories and thought that the XPs I gained in the stories also count towards my daily goal but when I started duolingo today my streak was gone. I am quite sad because I was working hard to keep up my streak.

      Edit: I was able to save my streak by paying real money. I'm happy for not having lost it because of a program mistake. :D


      I'm glad to hear that! Have some Lingots!


      I love the stories. They are my favorite part of the course. Please keep them!


      Great job with stories! it's really a pleasure and a breath of fresh air to learn in this (practical) way. I hope you make more stories soon :) Cliffhangers are really addictive (effective), you just have to continue and see through the story. I hope that Duolingo stories will soon become standard offer, not just a pilot project :) Thank you! :)))

      [deactivated user]

        That sounds great!!! I know you said we shouldn't leave comments about including more languages, but do you think you could get French going soon???


        The stories are amazing! Just what I needed to touch up on my Spanish. You guys at Duolingo are doing good work and we really appreciate it!


        Thanks Duolingo! At my current level, the Duolingo tree has become no longer relevant or useful for me including earning XP for lingots which I never use. At this point keeping the Duolingo tree fresh has become a tedious repetition of what I already know and not a productive use of time. As a result I went elsewhere to improve my Spanish. Now, thanks to the stories, I am returning to Duolingo for just the stories because it gives a better context for learning and reinforcing my vocabulary and grammar.


        One thing that would REALLY improve the stories section would be an option to play the audio/text from start to finish in one go. As it stands, if we want to listen to a story again we have to scroll through the entire thing line by line.

        Shouldn't be too hard to add, and would be a really great tool to cement learning.

        Thanks in advance!


        Anxiously awaiting stories in Italian.


        I think the stories are great, thanks!


        Glad to see that this nice feature is getting more attention.


        I am loving the new stories in Portuguese. They are short, funny, and some have surprising endings. Great that 'hover on word' translations are available throughout. Many thanks for your hard work - much appreciated. :))


        I hope Italian and French are the next.

        [deactivated user]

          One problem, I can't see which ones I need to do to unlock the next set. :(


          You need to get a star in all the stories to continue to the next set. So you need to do all the non-gold ones.

          [deactivated user]

            I have to do the, all over again? I had one left, but now I have to start over!


            Are you sure you are signed in as the same user. All the stories you previously completed should have a star and be gold.


            You are right, this is my other account! Oops. (^_^)


            Excellent news. Are we safe to assume this is now becoming a permanent feature?

            [deactivated user]

              That Streak Though... And then you look at mine...


              We all gotta start somewhere. :)


              Have you actually learned any language so that you can have a fluent conversation, or can maintain a conversation by using this? Right now I study Spanish in school, have done for around 6 years, and I am also using this. Just need to know if this is worth dedication.


              The question wasn't addressed to me, but I can tell you that I've had dreams in Spanish, thanks to Duolingo. And the new version of the stories is fab! Great audio and being able to click on individual definitions is amazing. I foresee using this a lot, now.


              Me too. Waking up in the morning and finishing my dream/thought in Spanish. Very unusual the first time it happened. I love the Duolingo stories. Even though I have finished Duolingo Spanish for English speakers and now am doing English for Spanish speakers, I find the stories to be a challenge that I really enjoy! I would use them a lot more if I hadn't almost completed the ones that are available. I hope there will be more stories soon! Ed


              I have completed the Spanish "tree", and it is not nearly enough to be conversant in Spanish. The tree is a good beginning tool but if you have been studying Spanish for 6 years, the tree might be a good refresher but not much more. For me, after finishing the tree, spending my time outside of Duolingo to read and listen to Spanish has been much more helpful. Duolingo is great but it is only a start.


              Don't count Duolingo out yet. :)


              My experience with DuoLingo differed. It's true that if all you do is complete the tree you will not be conversational, but if you review it regularly you will learn the same grammar and vocabulary as in a class and can develop a lot of conversational skills. I'm very conversational in Spanish, moreso than some of my friends who have done many more years of formal Spanish education than myself.*

              *Caveat that I am trying to learn a non-Romance language on DuoLingo for the first time and will have the opportunity to see how well this holds up.

              If you do the lessons but don't practice speaking you will, of course, fail to become conversational. But that's true in any learning setting.


              yes it is in my opinion


              Camilla, Haven't seen/heard you in a while. I see you're still at it. Great!


              Looks like it! :)


              WOW, you have a long streak... I'm impressed


              woah..... yeah.... I don't think I could last that long.....


              That's a serious streak!


              I really like the idea of multi-part stories with cliffhangers. I just tried the one from set 4 and liked it.

              What I would really like is, if you could make stories around famous duo sentences (different for each language I guess). Maybe a story about that bear who likes to drink beer from the Spanish course... (And I would really like to find out about the Norwegian architect in the bed of the Swedish course^^)

              You could link to Duo stories when people pass those specific sentences in the course... That would be really awesome!


              And the swedish telemarketer in the bed from the Norwegian course


              I agree! The kids love those wacky sentences! It would be great to see them incorporated into the stories both to reinforce learning and to motivate them to continue!


              La donna chi ha le botteglie e bicchiere nel Italiano, anche!


              no no la donna non ha niente tempo, mangia le mele!


              La donne mangio le tue mele? A questo temp, ha una tazza e loro mangiono le sue caramelle!


              Uno dell' storie deve ha un pinguino.


              Mein Mann ist Türke! Die Antwortet ist zweiundvierzig. Was ist die Frage?


              Or that "bear that likes vegetarians" in the Swedish course.. It made me laugh so much! Great idea!


              that would be hilarious!


              Hi Steve! I am really enjoying Stories--just discovered them. However, I was working through Set 1 and got stuck when two of the stories had no blue arrow button to continue beyond the opening title or introduction. ..which means I can't go to Set 2. Is there any way to go to to Set 2 without completing these last two stories? Thanks in advance. ( I am a paying member--really enjoy Duolingo and all you all are doing. ) Jodi/ aka J77G (the two stories are Stuck in the Bathroom Following the Flechas..) UPDATE: I kept reloading again and again and/or just starting over..eventually the blue arrow appeared. Now stuck on level 3 with the Cumpleanos story..can't get beyond first line as no blue arrow. Bummed. The stories are such a fun way to progress & learn. But I know you are still in Beta. Please fix.


              J77G congratulations on your 1001 day streak today! This number is perfect for stories!


              Every time? If so then try logging out then back in again, it worked for me.


              Awesome! I'd like it if we didn't need to complete all of the stories in a set to advance to the next one. Some are more challenging/fun than others.


              Love the stories and the new update, but it would be nice if they were available on the app. Will they ever be available on the app?


              Thank you for these stories Duo! I can't wait to read them in the other languages I'm learning!


              Great stories and I really enjoy them. Awesome work!


              what are the stories and where do you find them?


              Playing with your stories is the closest I have come to feeling immersed in the language, which I believe to be critical to learning any language. Please keep doing them! Also. I would like to see a separate section of stories that are longer (maybe another for some that are shorter for those who may be under time constraints)

              Bottom line....please keep it up!


              Amen! Keep 'em coming. Classic stories no longer protected by copyrights would be a tremendous source.


              Very fun, good job everyone! ¡Muy amusante, buen trabajo a todos!


              man I´m your fan you made an amazing web site http://readlang.com CONGRATULATIONS. I hope one day , I can code like you.


              the stories are a legit project. great addition to the lessons, in my opinion. well done.


              The longer stories is a good idea.


              For those of you that have done stories, how difficult does it start out and how is the difficulty divided among the tiers? Does the difficulty go past the tree?


              I haven't gotten super far through the stories, so I can't answer all of your questions. The stories are not difficult themselves, but the vocab is definitely beyond the tree. However, you can click on each word for the definition. You'll probably intuit when it's good to start - about 3/4 of the way through the Spanish tree, I started to get a little bored, tbh (I was binging), and I think you get most of what you need for the stories by then. But whatever your level, try them out! Everyone is different and learns in different ways. They've made so many improvements to the stories platform since I first tried it. It's really fabulous now and takes your learning to the next level, imho.


              Have I missed something, or have Stories not been updated in a long, long while?


              I like doing the stories, but right now I'm stuck: it will not advance to the next story. Anybody has a solution?


              I'm doing French and I did the same story 3 times, but it still doesn't unlock the next story......

              [deactivated user]

                Yay!!!!! Thanks Duolingo!!!


                What happened to the story ¿Es él? (The one about the guy hiding behind the watermelons to see if a person was a tv actor or not.)


                It was shifted to the 5th set


                Hi Steve,

                how difficult would it be for your team (speaking about the technical / programming side) to add different challenges to the stories.

                So when you review a story, where you have only gained 1-2 stars, that the challenges (questions, answers,) are not exactly the same thing?

                Is it very hard-wired as the BETA labs / stories project is running right now?
                Any "dynamic rule engine", where you can control what type of question, answer, fill in the blanks, "choose from a variety of different past tenses", multiple subjunctives, etc. is used and added to the story?

                BTW: This would be a nice posting on your blog http://making.duolingo.com ;)

                The biggest problem on DuoLingo with the Portuguese tree is NOT the large amount of skills, but:

                • that the more difficult (good) explanation examples from the "hints and tips" are not added to the lesson content from the contributor team

                • that the "Strengthen skills" button does NOT mix multiple grammar skills in the same exercise session, so you will be tested if you choose the right grammar form (from different skills/possibilities).

                The global strengthen button is really dumb:
                It just select ONE skill from top to down from the tree, if all skills are not fully golden.

                I am not finished with all stories, so I can not be sure, but my hope was that the stories would force a learner to think about the more difficult grammar tenses and actively mix multiple skills in a single (advanced) story and it's challenges.
                I think it has been requested already by others, that stories should contain a flag, what difficult level one can expect from it and it's challenges (e.g story description).

                Pardon me, if the above grammar concept (e.g fill in the blanks, select the correct grammar verb tense from 4/6 or 8 options) was already established in a few stories by your team.
                I hardly remember the content of my six completed stories.

                If not, this could maybe be a great enhancements to the difficulty level of more advanced stories?

                Thanks to your team for your work and openness to suggestions.

                Your stories project definitely has been a real motivation booster for me to fight for finishing my Portuguese tree!
                I did about 3-6 stories before I even had finished my tree :-)


                That's amazing. Thank you for the great work!


                Once again I am having trouble with Duolingo Stories. On Sunday I completed "Es el" which showed up as the 3rd story in the 4th set. Now it has disappeared and has been replaced, apparently, by "A escondidas". So I guess I shouldn't complain since I end up with an additional story to do. Thanks for all the fabulous work you do!


                "Es él" has been shifted to the 5th set, so once you complete "A escondidas" and unlock set 5, you should be able to see it.


                Do we know if there are more languages stories are currently being developed for?


                Me encanta la seccion de historias. Es lo mas util parte del curso para mi. Este es "dos-lingot" noticias!


                I want stories in Swedish, I'm just words and I forget thembecause I cannot apply it anywhere. With stories it would be great because I would practice, tack!

                • 1444

                Du har rätt! Jag vill också ha "stories" på svenska! Och svar på mina kommentarer att öva din svenska!


                i had finished set 4 previously but set 5 doesn't open. Do I need to do them all over again even though they still have the lit star on them? Of course I can use the practice but I am excited about the new set and want the new stories. Love the listening practice with these and I practice repeating the sentences.


                Look for the new story “A escondidas” in set 4 and complete it to continue to set 5.


                Love the stories! They are all interesting! Haven't done many yet but they have been sweet, funny or humorous! .


                Cool! Simply amazing! Love to see duolingo growing!


                And if you do thank you! : )


                You're a Duolingo developer, right? Could you ask your friends to take a look at this discussion: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25321938


                Thanks for the info Steve, however, I am curious if "Es el" will show up as completed when I eventually get to Set 5, since I had completed it in Set 4. So I'll see what happens when I get there! Tthanks for all your hard work. I was involved in software testing in my previous life and I can appreciate everything that goes into a new rollout. Bye for now!


                It does, I had finished all of the set 4 stories before and noticed set 5 had one already done and it was the Es el story. Instead I had one to do in the set 4 as it was a new one in the set 4 section.


                I really like this idea


                Is there a long between the stories and thethe skill levels page?


                Thank you for adding new stories, especially the longers one with more than one part. They are well written and fun.


                Really been enjoying these. Great addition to the app.


                I love the stories, they are very engaging!


                The stories are great! They let you experience real conversations. Keep them coming!


                My girls really love the stories so far. They have just started, but they find the stories much more interesting than the vocabulary based testing. Very exciting!


                the stories are very useful and fun. well done,


                It's a cool update and with all the things that include within it it makes it even better.


                yay I like doing dolingo stories


                Is this why there haven't been new bots released for over a month now?


                I think the whole thing is cool. reading stories, listening to stories, and answering questions is a great way to learn. The new update was neat, I like the pictures. I think pictures make it more interesting, help to ingrain the language a little bit more.


                I love it!! I especially love the cliffhangers! I'm not sure if I posted about this before (I believe I did) but maybe if you could start doing whole stories with no text at all. Just a listening exercise with questions at the end. Other than that I think it's a great learning tool!


                Im a new member from VietNam


                i like the stories and read them with google translate ( for idiomatic phrases) and SpanishDict ( for conjugations) open. The various tenses are the hardest for me, and I think this is a good way to see them in context.


                You shouldn't need to do this, actually. You can click on words and phrases for definitions. I think that might be why you're getting downvoted. But I agree with your sentiment about the tenses.


                I love the new stories. The new format surprised me because I was not able to work on stories this past week. Next time I do a 2 part story, will stop on the first story to see what happens as I don't always have time to complete the 2 part stories.


                Great work, this is an excellent edition to Duolingo.


                Wow, it's awesome! this will totally motivate me! Thanks duo!


                Hey admin can you please ban me, fat ❤❤❤❤


                I really like the new stories. I just wanted to say that I think there is a mistake in one of them (encontros rapidos, set 5, portuguese). At the last question part 3 (O que aconteceu com a Márcia?) it should be Josué and not Pedro, right? Thank you!


                ''Ela percebeu que queria ficar com o Pedro e deixou o evento de encontros rápidos.''


                what languages do ya learn in ur part time in duolingo


                Looking forward to seeing some German stories in here!

                • 1379

                Dat lijkt me een goed idee, ik kijk er naar uit. Jag tycker att det är en bra idé och kommer att göra det själv.

                • 1444

                Tyvärr bara spanska och portugisiska, jag vill ha stories på svenska, nederlandska, tyska eller franska! Jag lärde mig inte spanska eller portugisiska!

                • 1444

                Tyvärr bara spanska och portugisiska, jag vill ha stories på svenska, engelska, tyska eller franska! Jag lärde mig inte spanska eller portugisiska! I don't speak spanish or portuguese. I like to have the stories in languages I know, e.g. english, german, italian and french. Or in my native languages dutch and swedish, that could be a hilarious experience, I think.


                Steve, the BLUE ARROW BUTTON is missing at the end of the Portuguese story "Reencontro" so we are unable to complete the set and unlock the next set of stories.


                Wow, thanks! Time to catch up on all the stories I missed so I can provide feedback on the new batch!


                Hi Steve, Love your site. I took a few months off over the summer but came back this week, and really like the changes. I got to about 40% earlier this year and started trying to read El Mundo. That was good, but not as good as the story I just did for the first time on your site. It was perfect for my skill level; it was challenging and has an interesting twist at the end! Great job Steve. Keep up the good work.

                Also, to you and your co-workers... Thank you for this site.

                Sincerely, Greg.


                Not sure you got my last comment, so I'll leave a short version of it again. Great job on the stories. They are terrific. Thank you very much.


                The stories are a great addition! The only thing for me is that I am learning both Spanish and Portuguese and the stories are the same, I think. I always read in Spanish first, which reduces my motivation to read the Portuguese versions, because I already know the story....


                Be fantastic to have French stories.


                I agree with Rhabarberbarbara


                Will these stories be translated by contributors when the feature gets expanded to other languages?


                maybe possible to turn off sound? without headphones


                That's actually kind of neat. Gives you another way to study. Cant wait till its at its full version.


                I Really enjoy the stories. It's a great way to learn idioms and slang, too. I'd never heard "Vamos" used as "Come on Don't you get it?" or Ves used as "Don't you see?" Labs are a Great addition, but I REALLY miss the tests. I'd save up ingots and often test myself...but alas...they are gone...(Boo-hiss)


                All the stories are fun to read, I enjoyed them a lot , I wonder if there are any plans for a sequel of "Una boda màs* which is the last one from set 5, I'm curious to know what happens next and how it ends


                Legal. We appreciate you all.


                I hate how DuoLingo releases new verisons of things without fixing ANY of the bugs I reported. I submitted detailed bug reports with extensive information like browser versions, screenshots, etc. and NONE of the bugs I reported are fixed.

                Stories STILL don't work for me in Chrome (I have to open firefox), and there's still an unpleasant echo effect in the slow audio.

                Do you all even try? Do you all even read or listen to anything I submit? Do I matter to you at all?

                I hate you all. I think you are really incompetent. You piss me off to no end. It's so frustrating to see bug after bug go unfixed...I've probably reported 2 dozen bugs in DuoLingo over the 2+ years I use this site, and now I'm a paying subscriber. I try to show you gratitude and give back to you by helping fund you because I'm grateful to you for the service you provide.

                But do you ever care? No no no on no. You're just one big fail.

                It's so condescending the way you come in here and post these gradiose annoucements and garbage like this, when you don't fix the basic bugs.

                Always trying to do more, always launching new courses, new features, changing this changing that, but never fixing any of the bugs that I report.

                How do you think that makes me feel?


                Sorry that Stories doesn't work for you on Chrome. It's surprising since I use Stories on Chrome every day since that's the main browser I use for developing. Please let me know exactly what doesn't work when you try to use Stories in Chrome. Also, let me know the exact version number of Chrome you are using, which you can find using these instructions: https://www.howtogeek.com/299243/which-version-of-chrome-do-i-have/

                The slow audio is all done using the browser's in-built audio processing so it will depend on the browser. It's possible we could change how this works in future, for now if you want to repeat audio with it being slowed down you can click to replay the previous line and then replay the current line again, this will reset it back to normal speed.


                I've already reported everything relevant through a bug report.


                The title of the bug report in which I explained this is "Stories work in Firefox, not in Chrome", if that helps you search for it in your system. I think I filed two bug reports, that one probably contains more info.

                The first time I reported it I just said: "Stories Doesn't Work - Blank Screen" and I don't think I provided as much info.


                Please note that I'm a volunteer, not an employee. I'm commenting strictly as a user here and don't represent the company in any way.

                I'm a bit stunned by your comment, tbh.

                I think it's important to recognize that there are different departments and jobs (with different skill sets) for each product or service a company offers. For example, if you report something to Stories, that is completely unrelated to launching a new language.

                Every single person I've encountered at Duolingo has been wonderfully supportive. Their employees are among the hardest working that I've seen, and their interactions with everyone that I've witnessed have been extremely patient and gracious, as exemplified in this very thread.

                It's up to us, as a community of users, to foster this same type of environment in the discussion boards.

                I kindly ask you to re-read and evaluate what you wrote here to see if it meets that criteria.


                "as exemplified in this very thread." Amen to that comment, thank you for your volunteer efforts, for patiently explaining that progress in one area does not mean focus has been removed from another area, and commendations to Steve for prompt and courteous efforts to solve the concern.


                I enjoy the stories and I'm at the last two stories of set 5 in Spanish, but I cannot go through the whole story because it stops to go to next page in the middle of the story. I tried more than once. Please please fix them!!


                I'm very happy that you guys are contributing more to this feature.


                They are so helpful..not only are the stories fun, but they also help with my confidence in learning Spanish. I am understanding more and more with every new story. Creo que puedo, sé que puedo, voy a.


                I love the stories in Spanish! I might even get more intense about doing the Portuguese again since they also offer stories.

                I really hope the other languages get stories soon. I know it's a huge undertaking so this isn't about pressure or anything, just saying, the stories feature has me REALLY excited and I would love to see more, more, more! (In Spanish as well as other languages.)


                the stories are great......but something is not working- I can't complete the last story in first set no matter how many times I do it and get the message that I have completed it........have done the story 4 times now--always get the message that it is done....but it never gets marked as done and I can't move on to the second set...........


                I love the stories! I think they're perfect, and you can really test your comprehension ability. I really hope they'll be successful enough to become a part of the main courses :D


                Stories are COMPLETELY amazing. I can not emphasize how much I enjoy them. I am sorry but EACH VOICE COUNTS, and I'd love to see MORE stories (currently 2 available) sets released for German.


                I am wondering if there will be more sets of stories past set 5? (or if the focus has switched to podcasts now) My students liked the multi-part stories.


                When will stories be available on the app? I can only seem to use it on the website


                I love, love love this new feature! I am so addicted that I have to ration myself because I am scared of finishing them so quickly. Hope this becomes a permanent fixture and that there will be more stories to come. Thanks Duolingo!


                Do we have an idea of when the next batch of stories is expected for Spanish? These are definitely the most motivating exercises on duoLingo! I love them!


                I finished all the stories in german, but after set 12 doesn't appear anything, so when should I expect the new sets ?


                Any news about new Spanish stories for 2019?


                We just released a new 10 part story in Spanish, read more here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31373917


                I love the French stories. Please add them to the Swedish and the Italian.

                Learn a language in just 5 minutes a day. For free.