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The german tree

The German tree is ridiculous. I completed it a while ago, but the skills downgrade constantly, even when there really isn't anything significant to practice.

For example, I've just done the refresher on one of the skills which appeared to be weak by about a quarter, but it was literally the picture of a planet THREE TIMES (der Planet, so not even a difficult word) and then I was good to go!

It's impossible to keep the German tree golden - unlike the French tree, which only activates skills when there is more than 2 or 3 things to practice.

Sorry for the complaint, but it will never get better if no-one says anything. And, instead of motivating practising, this over-eagerness to un-gild skills just makes me want to quit it.

The French course is fab, tho.

Big cheers generally to Duo and the contributors.

November 21, 2017



I don't have your issues in the course "German for English speakers". Maybe, because I ........


Maybe it is better to do the strenghten skill of the whole tree and not the skills. I am now regolding the tree and i don't regold previous regolded skills before i reach the last skill. With the strenghten skill you learn the weakest words of the tree and not from one skill


I especially enjoy how on the french course, if you practice one skill, it strengthens like 3 skills, so it makes making it golden easier!


Hello! I don't have the same problem but I can probably explain some things. In German you have to remember the gender for every word and the sentence structure doesn't match English as much as French so it makes sense that you would need to revisit the tree to make sure you are good in said subjects. Also, try not to think about it as keeping the tree golden but keeping your memory golden. You are bound to forget words if you don't practice them constantly and I think the German course does a great job keeping words in memory. If something keeps losing it's gold I recommend going through the subject and doing each lesson over again so it and see if it stays gold longer then. Danke für deine Zeit, auf Wiedersehen, Drew

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it is possible, practice practice practice

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