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  5. "他的妻子不高。"


Translation:His wife is not tall.

November 21, 2017



Google translate cracks me up on this one:

Google translate mistranslating this one

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    Haha!! That's awesome!


    XD. This is awesome. Thanks for sharing.


    Got a question. I took Mandarin Chinese from a native speaker several years ago, and I'm brushing up. The word we used for wife was 太太. Is that more of a pet name? Dialect difference?

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    妻子 is the formal way to write it, but in speech you'll probably hear 太太 (formal) and 老婆 (colloquial) more often. But China is huge, so it depends on where you are. I think in northern China 太太 might be old-fashioned, but in Taiwan it's still very common.

    You may also hear 愛人, 女人, 夫人, 內人, 媳妇, 拙荊, and a bunch of other terms for wife, if you travel around.


    Came to ask the same question, 太太 (tàitai) is used in the Pimsleur course. Google translates it as "Mrs", so I guess "他的太太" would more literally mean "His Mrs"? (used in some dialects of English)

    Would be good to know which is more common/colloquial.


    no, 他 means 'he' (3 person, singular, male), 她 on the other hand means 'she' (also 3 person, singular, but female). They have the same pronunciation 'tā' (on 1st tone)


    Why is 不是 not used here?


    是 connects nouns/pronouns, not adjectives.


    i enter 'His wife is short', and it's wrong? Mind, when I say my wife is short i get that look, so maybe it's right


    I'm just wondering how the Chinese culturally see height of people. Is a short wife less preferable than a tall one, since I see in the questions that being pretty and tall are often associated, but pretty is not associated when it is a short wife. Is it the same for men? Are taller Chinese men more popular?


    Another question. Why do I use hen 是 associated with 'being pretty' sometimes and other times not? Like "am I pretty" has no 是 before it in question form, such as 我 漂亮 吗 ? But if I say "your girlfriend is tall and pretty", then 是 is used before piao liang such as 是 漂亮


    I think you typed 是 (shì) when you intended 很 (hěn). Here are the combinations that you might see:

    她漂亮嗎? Is she pretty?

    她很漂亮嗎?Is she very pretty?

    她很漂亮。She is pretty.

    她不漂亮。She is not pretty.


    Is 高 losing its tone here?

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