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Today is my 2 year (serious) Duolingo anniversary!

Coucou tout le monde!

Two years ago today, I got bored, and remembered a website called duolingo.

I made an account, and decided to learn french, just cause I didn't really know any thing about any other languages, and I thought it would be interesting.

That day literally changed my life forever.

I was surprised at how quickly I was progressing though the tree, because within the first hour, I had already done like 10 skills.

I had done duolingo in the past, but I only manged to make it to level 2 in Portuguese, and that took me several days, so I always felt like it was kind of too hard.

But anyways, now my life has almost become completely about languages (gotta save room for Jesus though haha)

and I have been seriously considering doing something with languages as my career, and something I might major in college.

So thank you Duolingo! Thank you duolingo community!

Thank you for changing my life in this amazing way!!

November 21, 2017


[deactivated user]

    That's so cool! Good luck in your studies. ❤


    Happy, uh, Duolingoplayinganniversary!


    Great job! And Good Luck!




    Okay let's see (Hasn't done japanese in like 4 months)..... O na? de tou go za i ma su! (I'm guessing that means congratulations??? I have no idea haha) Kanji kanji... Te ku da sai? (Kudasai means please I think... umm)

    Goes to google translate

    "Congratulations! Please do your best!"

    Awwe! arigatou gozaimasu! xD



    In Rōmaji: Omedetō gozaimasu! Ganbatte kudasai.

    'kudasai' at the end simplz makes this a bit more polite, in an informal way, you could also say 頑張れ!


    Congratulations, two years? That's amazing. I started almost a year ago. Happy anniversary. Your amazing.


    Congratulations! Sounds very familiar in that I'm totally crazy about languages too...almost an obsession but have to keep watch over my personal time with Him too!


    happy 800th streak tomorrow!



    How can you find what day you signed up? Is this something I can find somewhere (didn't see it in my profile or account info)? I forgot what day I joined and would like to know.


    happy Duoversary!! Green cake to you – avec deux bougies!


    Aww, we're so happy for you! ^^ Congratulations and keep it up! ;) Here are some lingots for you as a Duoversary gift ^^ If you ever need any help in French, we French moderators (I'm for FR-RU and FR-IT) are always there ^^


    Congrats AKicsiMacska! Good luck with your learning! :)


    Congrats! 2 years is a long time!


    Glad to hear that Duolingo has had such a profound impact on your life.

    I want to thank you, its because of people like you with such a long streak that made me strive to keep my streak. Thank you.

    What kind of career and degree are you interested in pursuing in Language? There are so many options...


    Wow, two years....the time is quickly flying by, isn't it?

    I hardly can believe that I am already 1 year on DuoLingo (I started October last year) and recently I have even finished my Portuguese tree :-)
    What happend?
    I can not find you on the https://duolingo.eu/ streak list.
    Have you signed up Cleeen't SHOF list (300days+ to join the "sign up" thread)?

    I am curious: But why did you choose French over Portuguese?
    Do you really think that French pronunciation is much easier than Portuguese?
    Tom Crewther says the different in his youtube video. You can also find his threads here on DuoLingo.
    I would have hoped that you have not (almost, Level4) completely dropped Portuguese ;)

    The Portuguese tree for EN-PT is really great.
    So many skills, so many lessons.

    And now there are Portguese and Spanish Duo BETA labs stories available :-)

    This is the newest posting from Steve/DuoLingo about set #5 stories: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25286750


    Well, I did portuguese when I was much younger, like in 5th or sixth grade. I could understand conjugations and stuff (I didn't know what they were, but I saw that there was a pattern, like Nos escrevemos, Eu escrivo, etc.

    But I didn't have a phone, ipad, or really any electronic device, and so I could only practice and learn occasionally, so I never really stuck with it.

    When I rejoined, I was thinking about doing portuguese again, but I decided I wanted to do something that I've never done before, and didn't know ANYTHING about. (My dad speaks german, so I knew a little bit of german, and I did portuguese in the past, and French was the only other language I had ever really heard of that was on duolingo.

    I was recently very upset, because I somehow deleted all my portugeuse data, and I have no idea how it happened. I still wasn't very far (only level 6) but I was still upset that I had to restart!


    And I'm not on the streak hall of fame because

    A) I only have a 51 day streak as of right now

    B) I didn't know about it

    C) I don't know how to join haha


    The junior one is a bit old, you can go to the thread and just comment.


    Félicitations et bonne chance!

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