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Duolingo and Tiny Cards

Why doesn't duolingo incorporate tiny cards into the duolingo lessons as they do with lesson with labs, creating a tiny card tab next to labs? Its a great learning tool, but because it is separate we do not get lesson points with our daily lessons.

November 21, 2017



Labs are projects that are being tested on. Stories and events aren't official features. They could be removed right now. Tinycards, however, is different. It's a different website. It's official.


lo se y de acuerdo, pero ellos pueden combiner ambos.


A link from the the Skills page on Duolingo (where Lessons + Tips & Notes are) would be more logical. Obviously, this would only be for the courses that have an official deck on Tinycards, and the link should be to the specific deck for that Skill.

Otherwise, what is the point? What value is being added?

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