Hey I'm new in Duolingo so could someone tell me how some of it works? I'm not sure how to follow my besties.

November 21, 2017


Hello, and welcome to duolingo. Since you are new, I recommend you read these useful information (click on the gray text):

The duolingo official help page

The Wiki and FAQ page

How to use the troubleshooting forum

How to request a new language course

Choosing the right forum to post

Good luck ^_^

November 21, 2017

If you are on the home page where you can see your skill tree you just have to scroll down and find the leaderboard on the side of the screen then click the search button. Then you type in your friends name. Then you can friend them from there or click on their profile picture and it'll take you to their profile where you can see a follow button along with all the skills they have. Enjoy duolingo! Here's a lingot!

November 21, 2017

Hi I returned again to Duolingo

November 21, 2017

Welcome back! Good seeing you trying to upgrade your English. Here's 2 lingots.

November 21, 2017

Welcome to Duolingo! I hope you enjoy it! I wish I could help you figure things out. But it's only my second day learning, so sadly I have no idea what I'm doing either, lol. I will give you a lingot though :) Good luck!

November 21, 2017

[deactivated user]

    WELCOME TO DUOLINGO!!!!!!!!! If you want to follow your friends, you need their username. So once you have that:

    1: Scroll down on the home page until you see the search button. 2: Click that, and search their username 3: When you find them, click "ADD" to the right of their name. 4: Viola!!

    November 21, 2017

    Thank you for the steps. Makes it a lot easier

    November 22, 2017

    Welcome, have fun on Duolingo. It's such a fun way to learn.

    November 21, 2017
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