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What is your favourite language to learn

Mine Korean. I like the logic things. I am level five in one hour. My friend and I both learn it so we use it as secret language:-)

November 21, 2017


[deactivated user]

    If you like logical languages, you should learn Esperanto. (◕‿◕)
    My favorites are Italian, French, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, and Norwegian. ❤


    I love too many languages to pick just one.


    Mine is Dutch. I go to Belgium a lot, so it is useful:)


    That's awesome that you guys do that together! I am learning French, I wish my friends could learn too, so that we can talk in a different language.

    [deactivated user]


      I'm not learning it yet (saving it as a special treat for my birthday), but Swahili will always have my heart.


      Swahili is my absolute favourite! but I like a lot of languages.


      My favorite language to learn is Norwegian I think. I really like the way it sounds, and I think it is the foreign language that I am most fluent in! I love being able to strengthen skills without having to use the hover hints, and I've been able to do it a lot lately!


      French, Chinese and German Français, Chinois et Allemand Französisch Chinesisch und Deutsch 法语, 英语 和 德语


      I like French the best, but I also love german and italian


      Hey bonbonchat!! I know this is slightly unrelated, but I joined your hungarian club, and it is just empty! You should practice more! xD

      The last weekly winner was from like 29 weeks ago!!


      I love German the most! I am 1/4 German, though I am just now learning the language .


      Definitely German!! <3


      My favorites are German, Greek and Spanish! I only know a little German and Greek though so I'm gonna start learning them on here This January!


      My favorite language is English.

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