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  5. I finished my English tree!


I finished my English tree!

I am so happy!

November 21, 2017



Great Job, bro. I am about to finish my Esperanto tree! Probably another week until that happens.


Congrats, good luck in your studies.

[deactivated user]


    Can anyone tell me where I can find out what the numbers beside the little flags mean? I see that Stefan finished his English tree but the number next to his flag is a 10. Some people have as high as 25 next to their flags. I'm really curious what this means. Thanks.


    it's the level someone is at in that language. the level is determined by how much xp you have in that language and doesn't affect when you finish the tree.


    This whole thing does not make sense to me.


    Me too and then what? I am at level 10 and it looks like that I cannot go any further. Do all the courses end at level 10?

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