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Turning lessons gold remains broken

This defect has been reported continually with no action taking by Duolingo. You would think that the level of frustration on this would spur some fix. Apparently not. I will be moving on to some other language tool.

November 21, 2017



In addition to the good answer of Grace224648:

  • Sometimes it's really a bug
  • Workaround
    Repeat one or more of the lessons of that skill, but start at the last lesson.


As you have already received two suggestons to try and address the problem on Duolingo, instead of me trying to guess what answer to give, here are some other sites which teach languages for you to explore:








It would be more helpful if you would actually explain what the problem is. In any case, I have always considered the strength bars as indications, and although it can sometimes be frustrating that skills loose their golden shine too quickly, you are the one to judge your own proficiency. If you think that DuoLingo doesn't really provide you with new material while constantly telling you to revise lessons, it might be better to move on to other methods. Alternatively, I could also recommend doing a reverse tree for French, such as English-from-French or another language, if you don't like the idea of "learning English again".


I've just strengthened 4 skills in Welsh, but when I tried to strengthen skills in German, Italian, Swedish and Spanish, I was returned to the home page each time I clicked the "Strengthen" button. Web version Win8.1 Firefox.

I haven't found another thread discussing this.

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