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Lingots... what are they for, exactly?

I have 1151 lingots. I am trying hard to be motivated by the weekend challenge, but all I win is lingots. The new chests want me to watch ads for a treasure of... a few lingots. But there is NOTHING TO BUY!

The equation is completely unbalanced.

November 21, 2017



DuoLingo hasn't really utilized the Lingot system much, they've not added any new things you can get with Lingots in the year I've been on Duo, and several options that used to be available have gone away.

So their potential as a motivating tool seems to be underutilized.


There is a lingot store where you can buy extra skills and other fun stuff, but it is different depending on whether you are on the app or website. you should be able to tap (or click) on the number of lingots you have to get to the store, or press the thing that says store/ lingot store.


I agree, and I've stopped playing the weekend challenge, since the prize is fundamentally pointless.

If it gave an extra 20 XP, however...

The only useful lingot thing is the streak freeze.

[deactivated user]

    What weekend challenge?


    Seems to be automatic on the android app. It starts on Friday evenings with the goal of 250 XP by Sunday.

    [deactivated user]

      You can host XP contests (like me).


      the have now on the apple applications a different system from the lingots theyre blue gems and you can you use them to "master" a skill for 30days and it will stay gold for the 30 days without you touching it has anybody else seen this? you can also BUY these blue gems its weird.. any comments?


      There are a few things on the Lingot store that's it


      There's a thanksgiving challenge. You have to follow the person doing it

      [deactivated user]

        They used to let you buy a skills test for 25 lingots. That was very useful. I don't think they do that anymore though.


        hahahahahahahahaha soo truee


        give me100 linget and I will tell you what it is for

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