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Support of Latin as a new lesson on Duolingo

I really do love romance languages and how duolingo is doing so well as to providing good content. But as a guy who loves the romance languages, I want see Latin put on here. They are speakers from high schools and colleges as well as the Vactian to help with a new Latin course.

With learning Latin, other romance languages will be a pass by and make learning way much faster. Also, we can understand text and certain diseases. As 90% of all drugs are written in Latin with other 10% being german.

So, I say why not? If you support this cause, leave a like and a lingot to prove it to the Duolingo moderaters!

November 21, 2017


[deactivated user]

    I want to give you all my 3497 lingots, but it would take too much time lmao. But really I'm waiting for a Latin course like forever.


    "As 90% of all drugs are written in Latin with other 10% being german."

    Medical language is for the largest part Greek. Well, to be fair, it's Latinised Greek, but still.

    I do agree though that a Latin course on DuoLingo would be amazing, but they have already been plenty of suggestions for that. You may want to search in the forums and look for threads to support. On the other hand, I think it's good that we keep reminding DuoLingo of this (:


    If you're interested in Latin and like the Duolingo format, this Memrise course is certainly a good option: https://www.memrise.com/course/906792/carpelanams-duolingo-latin-sentences/


    I'm doing a GCSE in Latin and would really appreciate if Duolingo could add a latin course . It would help because I'm really struggling


    Have you tried the "Teach yourself Latin" book? It's part of a series of "Teach Yourself" various languages series. Possibly published by Stodder and Houton. I borrowed it from the library to brush up on mine and found it really useful. Felix!

    I think Memrise has Latin...

    PS: I have no link with the author or publisher.


    Is there anything in specific you're struggling with? There are great Memrise courses, but they tend to not be the ones that are most frequently used.

    And I hope you know about Familia Romana.

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