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Help with auxiliary verbs, past tense,Future Tense and adjectives in German

I am having trouble with the German course. I don't understand, do adjectives and nouns go together as one or as 2 different words. Because some times I see they together and it really confuses me. Auxiliary Verbs also know as helping verbs are the most of confusion. Senctences as "Hast du ein buch?" Meaning "Do you have a book?". Why does "Hast" have to be first?

November 21, 2017



In German, Yes/no questions are done by simply switching the subject and the verb, just like the verb "to be" does. It is valid for all verbs, not only for the auxiliary verbs.

Ex: Du hast ein Buch => Hast du ein Buch? Ich bin müde => Bin ich müde


I recommend reading a grammar book. I did German for dummies but I have a document with links to some German textbooks if you want that. I can say though that if it is a question it begins with either a question word "Wer, wie, was, etc," or it begins with a verb.


Yes, please! I would love that.


Words can merge where they add a definition .... e.g. a science book is "ein Wissenschaftsbuch" but "a big book" would be "ein großes Buch".

Notice that the gender is taken fro the last word (das Buch) in the compound word.


Hi Bourg,

please have a look at this site https://www.germanveryeasy.com/.

In my opinion there are good explanations about german grammar for english speakers.

best regards Angel

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