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2 types of Adjectives

There are two types of adjectives in Japanese to describe people and things; the adjectives end in い and な. Both of them modify the nouns that follow.

Adjective + Noun = Modified Noun

い Adj, あかい: あかい + りんご = あかいりんご (red apple)

(i) Adj, akai: akai + ringo = akai ringo

な Adj, しずか: しずか + うみ = しずかなうみ (quiet ocean)

(na) Adj, shizuka: shizukana + umi = shizukana umi

Adjective + Noun

い adjective can describe nouns as a plain form (a dictionary form).

い Adjective Adjective + Noun English
あおい あおいそら blue sky
きいろい きいろいひまわり yellow sunflower
くろい くろいねこ black cat
しろい しろいかべ white wal
おおきい おおきいうち big house
ちいさい ちいさいくつ small shoes
たかい たかいビル tall building
ふるい ふるいほん old book
ながい ながいかみ⁺ long hair
おいしい おいしいケーキ delicious cake
はやい はやいくるま fast car
かわいい かわいいあかちゃん cute baby

⁺ かみ (kami) can be 髪 (hair) or 紙 (paper) depending on the context.

な adjectives need な(na) added to the plain form of adjective before you combine with the nouns.

な Adjective Adjective + Noun English
きれい きれいドレス beautiful dress
ゆうめい ゆうめいえいが famous movie
しんせつ しんせつひと kind person
ていねい ていねいことば polite word
げんき げんきこども active child
かんたん かんたんゲーム easy game

【Practice】Use any of the adjective on the table (or come up with new one) and make the adjective + noun combination of your choice in Japanese. Please share with other users in the comment.

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