"A cat is eating the mouse."

Translation:Tu myš žere kočka.

November 21, 2017



"Ta kocka zere tu mys" Czech guy sat next to me says that this is spot on. He points out that the emphasis on the sentences is different which is leading to some confusion. If this is correct is there any chance to have the translated sentences matching the emphasis of the Czech ones?

The Czech answer statement is saying "The mouse is being eaten by the cat" and the English one is saying "A cat is eating the mouse."

Unless this is deliberate to make us think about the construction of the sentences and how it goes together in which case I'm not that clever in the first place guys this is making it a lot harder for me! ;)

April 16, 2018


It is deliberate and there is no way to match exactly because in English you can stress any word in the sentence just by prounouncing withe the stress/more loudly. "A CAT is eating the mouse."

November 17, 2018


It is more like ''That mouse is eaten by a cat" I suppose...

January 20, 2018


That mouse is being eaten by a cat. has a more direct equivalent that does lso feature r the passive voice: Ta myš je požírána kočkou.

November 17, 2018


Rich, yer right - I think this is meant to make us think. Czech is very different in this aspect - I've been experimenting with trying different sentence orders in my practice answers and usually the 'weird' ones are also accepted as correct. But hey, if helps us it to learn, good is!

May 31, 2018


Did you deliberatley change the word order at the end of this comment to be funny and prove your point?

June 9, 2019


I see what you're getting at here... but I still don't like it. Ought to scrap or replace the sentence entirely.

June 28, 2019


Why correct answer is "Tu myš žere kočka."? It means that the mouse is eating a cat, isn't it?

November 21, 2017


"Tu myš žere kočka." is some really strange word order. "Kočka žere (tu) myš." would sound more natural in my opinion.

It doesn't mean the mouse is eating a cat though, that would be "Myš žere kočku."

November 21, 2017


No, it just means we stress it is a cat and not something else who is eating the mouse.

November 17, 2018
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