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"The child saw themself in the mirror."

Translation:아이가 거울 속에 자신을 봤어요.

November 21, 2017



The English is also problematic. It would be much more more common (and probably more correct) to say The child saw himself / herself/ itself in the mirror. As I have posted previously, it would be nice to have a "central location" for calling this kind of issue to the attention of the developers. I suggest https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24887752 until a better alternative is provided.


I'm afraid you are probably right. There would be no other use for such a word. It would be nice if they changed it to "children" and "themselves." "Itself" maybe borderline.


It is right to interpret "in the mirror" as "거울 속에" However korean do not say like it. The verb "보다" which here "봤어요" is not normally with preprosition "에". Many Koreans also make this mistake. However the right one is, "거울 속의" which can write with the boy here


or 거울 속의!


"아이가 자신을 거울 속에서 봤어요" 왜 틀립니까?


Maybe because "they" wasn't actually in the mirror when they saw themself? BQ3d4 said it should be 거울 속의, "the ___ in the mirror."


I did the same thing, idk if it's super incorrect, but it marked me down for it.


So a lot of Koreans make this mistake? How does someone like me know that your Korean language credentials are better than the Koreans that you say make the stated error? Did you major in the Korean language in Korea and teach the language in school?


What's the difference between 자기 and 자신?


자신 is used when the person being mentioned again is both the subject AND the object of the sentence.

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