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  5. "上海是一个大城市。"


Translation:Shanghai is a big city.

November 21, 2017



"Shanghai is a large city." <- Please program this as an answer. I believe that there's many fundamental issues with having English speakers type in the answer. There are many different types of word usage and choice differences from person to person, not to mention from country to country (American English vs. British English for example).


Large=Big! I keep getting burned buy typing large instead of big! They're the same thing!


Shanghai is a huge city.


大=big, large 巨大=huge


So true! As of China's 2010 census, Shanghai has over 23 million people within city limits, likely the biggest city in the world. (As of 2019, there are likely four other cities worldwide with over 15 million people within the city proper: Lagos, Nigeria; Istanbul, Turkey; Karachi, Pakistan; and Delhi, India.)


City is an understatement for Shanghai. Metropolis if there ever was one.


Still after a solid year the use of "large" instead of "big" is still marked wrong. It should not take this long just to change a simple thing as this. Reported again on February 8, 2019.

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