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  5. "我想卖我的车。"


Translation:I want to sell my car.

November 22, 2017



What is the difference btw buy and sell? Both are mai?


买 to buy măi 卖 to sell mài


Like the difference between 那 and 哪.


DuoLingo needs to decide what 想 means. On some quizzes, translating it to "want" is flagged as wrong and "would like" is correct. On this quiz, I wrote "would like" and got it wrong because "want" is the right answer.


Exactly! In the early part of this course they made it clear that 想 meant "would like". In other non-Duolingo courses I have studied as well, they also make it clear that 想 is "would like" and less definite compared to 要. But here with utter inconsistency they mark you wrong if you write "I would like to sell my car." And of course, nothing has been done since you wrote this 4 month ago. I have also reported it to no avail as well.

"Would like" is exactly the context you would use 想 here because if you want to sell your car you cannot be certain it will happen.

This is half a course and the maintenance on the answers is appalling.



George - 'you'd like to sell your car', and 'you want to sell your car'. What's the difference? In one case you will sell and in the other you will not sell?


Because of the word 想 , I impulsively answered "I'm thinking of selling my car." Perhaps it can be accepted too?


In Spoken Chinese people would understand you either way.


In this context 想 takes more of a 'want' meaning like 要.


Hence why my Mandarin 100 teacher empasized that tone actually matters.


Duolingo should really remain consistent with their use of 想 and 要. 想: would like 要: want

When you say you "would like" to do something then use 想. The distinction is that 想 presents a less demanding tone as 要. Although both are fine, Duolingo should accept 想 as "would like / want", not just "want". All that we ask for is consistency.


@Try - What's the difference between "I would like to sell my car" and "I want to sell my car"?


I'm delighted that "buy" and "sell" are so similar. It's almost as delightful as saying "electric brain" for "computer." This is a thoroughly delightful language.


Do not confuse these 汉字: 头 -> Hair; 买 -> Buy; 卖 -> Sell


Aside from never knowing when to translate it as "would like" or"want," the noun option blocks on level one instead of "car" are "child" and "wife."


The word "Auto" isn't accepted.


The word "Sandwich" is also not accepted.


"Auto" is arguably archaic for North American English. Or likely a calque from something like French.

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