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Insufficient practice time

I started learning Chinese from English, and it seems that the 30 seconds initial time for the practice session simply isn't enough. For languages with, e.g., a latin alphabet it may work, but when trying to remember what the various Chinese characters are, in addition to what they mean, 30 + 10 seconds simply isn't enough to go through more than 1–3 questions in my case...

Does anybody else feel this is the case?

November 22, 2017



Stop using the timed practice button if you are having trouble. Timed practice is really only for those who have sufficiently quick recall of the language.

[deactivated user]

    I haven't done a timed practice with Chinese yet, but I find for the Korean course it gives me a bit of a challenge. I do find myself able to get more typed, or correct with practice, but at the level I am I can get thru the easier lessons, but not the one further down the tree. Although I do stay away from those until i've done all the actual practice I want for the day.


    Yep. Latin Alphabets ensure easy typing, but with Chinese I think starting from 50-60 seconds is a good time.

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