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Today I finally hit a 30 day streak! The highest I've ever gotten was 32. What is your high score and what number are you at? I'm also at level 22. Which level are you at and in what language?

November 22, 2017



highest I've gotten in streak is 40 days


the highest ive gotten is 15 ....haha


highest I've gotten is my currently streak 72 day


dude, good job on the streak!


Nice! I'm on the 36th day on level 17 Italian and Level 12 Spanish, although I am focusing on Italian lately. My previous best was like 25 days. Have a lingot! :)


Keep it going. It's hard but I'm actually on my second 300+ day streak. I was so upset when i lost th first one that I basically quit quit for nearly 2 years. It can be done. I' currently chasing a guy that has a 575 day streak I believe that we are both level 25 in German.


Almost to 40 hard to believe I started duolingo 40 days ago... time is flying. Admit some days I only did 20xp.


Congratulations, and I'm encouraging you to keep going! The first stretch is generally the hardest part, and afterwards, time seems to go by faster. :)


I think my highest was 16 but I over slept and missed a day :( My streak now is 4

And congratulations on the 30 day Streak!


I lost a 1366 day streak, which is a little painful at times, but I still have the knowledge, if not the streak. I pretty much concentrate on French from English and English from French.


Mine is what I have now! 37days and level 14 of Norwegian! ;)


Congratulations! Keep going :)


My current streak number is the highest I've ever gotten (which will be 38 once I reach my goal for the day). I'm hoping to make it to 100 or more. I won't be able to get a 1 year streak but I'll go as far as I can (even if that means using a few streak freezes around the holidays) :) I'm a level 12 in Hebrew and level 9 in Greek :) congrats on your streak by the way!

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