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  5. "妈妈有三个哥哥。"


Translation:Mom has three older brothers.

November 22, 2017



Is there a word for "brother" in general? How would one say "I have two brothers" if one is younger and one is older?


兄弟 xiōngdì: general term for male sibling 我有二个兄弟 wǒ yǒu èr gè xiōngdì: i have 2 brothers


Actually to represent two of many different things in Chinese you would use 两个 (Liǎng gè) instead of 二个. Generally 两 is used in conjunction with the unit characters like 个 that measure amounts/quantities of things. Therefore, a quantity of two brothers would be 两个兄弟.


Somebody answer this please...


earlier it accepted 哥哥 simply as brother, as it is in the hover-over menu, but here the correction, as stated above, was "big brothers"


It means "older brother" but you have to decide by the context whether to translate it as "brother" or "older brother" since in English it often does not matter. With Duolingo the literal translation will almost never be marked wrong, so I suggest you stick with "older brother" or perhaps "big brother" during this course if you want to avoid being sometimes marked wrong for translating it as "brother"


This should accept Mother has three older brothers


If you write Mother has three brothers it corrects you to say, Mother has three big brothers. I found this very confusing, thinking that 个meant big in this context. It should correct you to say older brothers, not big brothers, just the way it is in the translation on the following page.


个 is a measuring tool, I don't know the technical term for it, but it's used when counting humans


"measure word" is the standard term :)


We call them counters. :) I figured out from context that it was a counter, because I am familiar with counters from Japanese. But this must be hopelessly confusing for people who are new to the concept. The lesson can do a better job introducing that.

This lesson also needs to do a better job of making clear that the character 哥 means big brother. (This is a limitation of duolingo's lesson structure that I've complained about elsewhere. I am learning a lot of hanzi pronunciation and fewer hanzi meanings... It's frustrating, especially if I'm practicing on mobile and can't view the lesson notes. Totally asinine that they aren't available. It actively discourages me from studying.)


个 is a measure word, big is 大, 哥哥 itself is big brother or older brother


This should also accept “Mom has three brothers”


No, it shouldn't. 哥哥 specifically means 'older brother', not just 'brother'. Remember, 弟弟 (di4di) means 'younger brother'.


"Mom" and "Mother" is the same


Why is it always necessary to type the same characters twice (哥哥,妈妈,爸爸 etc.)? What would 哥,妈,爸 mean if you only use one character?


I type 3 for 三 and it was wrong

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