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  5. "她喝冰茶。"


Translation:She drinks iced tea.

November 22, 2017


[deactivated user]

    他 should be accepted as well during listening exercises. I am unable to tell the difference between 他 and 她.


    They're pronounced the same l. Just different characters.


    The audio says "ta bu" or "ta hu" but not ta he ??


    Lots of the audio isnt correct ;-;


    I thought so too. The only way I could be sure about this character was to hover over it.


    I reported the audio to Duolingo as not sounding correct. One does not clearly hear 最.


    I typed 他 "He" instead of 她 "She". So i got an error. How do you know what gender to put when they sound exactly alike?


    you cant know, everyone made that "error"


    In spoken Chinese, you'll only ever know through context. In written Chinese, however, you must always note the 人 radical next in 他, and the 女 radical in 她.


    Just look at it VERY closely. Unless your doing listening exercise, you could put either one. It’s inaccurate for it to have a specific one when they sound EXACTLY the same.


    Am i the only one hearing "go" instead of "he/a" for the verb "to drink"?


    You're not. The male speaker, right?


    Of course, how could I forget: "iced" is not the same thing as "cold."


    冷 means cold.

    冰 means ice. 冰茶 means "iced tea", which is a specific beverage, not simply "cold tea".


    I need some clarity. If I go to the restaurant and want cold water (as opposed to hot or room temperature), I ask for 冰水. So is this truly iced tea, cold tea, or is the way we describe water different than tea?


    Iced tea is a specific beverage. Iced water is just cold water.

    Both imply there's ice in the drink though, it's not just cooled in a fridge or something.


    不要糖水 躺 tang is used for hot beverages not re热

    so the distinction between a hot and cold beverage is not 热还是冷但是糖还是水。 ice是冰块


    2020.6.1 Hmm... as with all things Chinese, I wonder if that's regional. I say 熱水。Maybe I'm regional lol

    Also my general understanding of 糖水 means "syrup"

    Some places even say 冻水 for cold water


    whenever i hear "他/她" in a listening exercise, i change to the word bank. no point making it 50:50 that i automatically fail


    Always same mistakes. Is it possible to know what word we should use between "he" or "she" ? It's the same word in chinese, no?


    The one for "he" uses the radical "人" (meaning person) with the character 也. 亻is just a condensed form of 人 always at the left in the character. Combine them and you get make 他.

    The one for "she" uses the radical 女 (meaning female) with 也, instead of 人/亻. Combine them and you get 她.

    他, 她.

    It's pronounced exactly the same but written differently. The word for "it" is written like 它 but pronounced the same as 他 and 她.


    No, it's not the same, you have to watch more carefully which character is used in the sentence which you are translating. So what is difference between he and she in Chinese? If you hear only pronunciation, you can just guess if it is he or she, but if you have written character which is called Hanzi in Chinese (Hanzi are composed from smaller Hanzi which are called radicals), you have to examine carefully how it looks. For he is used this character 他 and for she is used this character 她. Both characters are composed from character 也 but for man is added character 人 which is shorten to radical 亻。 And for woman is added charater 女 which is also shorten to smaller one as a radical. So you have to make sure which radical is on the begining of each Hanzi. I hope it can help you. You should make more time for studying Hanzi and uderstanding how they are composed. Good luck.


    They are pronounced the same but are written differently: "he" is 他 while "she" is 她. Notice the difference?


    The characters are different, although the pronounciation is the same. The left part of 'she' is the character for "woman" , the left part of 'he' is the one for "(hu)man"


    女 means woman, so 她 which has a 女 character in it means "she". But 他 which had 人 in it means "he".


    No it doesn't. The male version looks like it has a little spear on the left side and the female version has the character for female (little diamond thing) squished on the left. Im sure someone will comment with the actual characters (im on mobile).


    Nope, 他 is he and 她 is she. tellby the radicals to the left


    Nope, 他 is he and 她 is she. tell by the radicals to the left


    No, there's slight difference, "she" has one line more


    Ok, I typed 他喝冰茶, and it was marked as wrong. How on earth am I supposed to know that I have to type 她 instead of 他, given that both characters share the same pronunciation?


    Frustrated because 他 and 她 both have the same pronunciation, so in the listening exercises, I can't tell which gender is needed to be correct, so half the time it's a huge guessing game.


    When you get further along you'll find there is another ta as well or 它 It means - it - and used for non-human things such as animals. No variation for gender either. Yes it is difficult, but often the context in which it is framed will make it easier to tell 他, 她 or 它 apart. You are correct that there is no way of knowing the gender at all if you only hear 他 or 她 as it is spoken.


    I wrote 他 instead of 她 and was marked wrong? You can't tell whether or intends he or she from the pronunciation, so either should be acceptable?


    She and he is pronounced the same. They should both be accepted answers.


    Then report it please


    Not possible to guess she from audio only. So "He" should be accepted as well.


    As usual, the audio exercise only accepts 她 instead of 她,or 他。I know the difference in written Mandarin, but for an audio exercise, there's no way to get this one right without guessing.


    I'm not hearing the drinking part of the sentence. All I hear is "她不冰茶".


    i wrote "他喝冰茶" for the listening exercise and was marked wrong


    Ta should be for he,she it, shouldn't it?


    Yes, same sound, different characters: 他(he),她(she),它(it/non-gender),祂 (God/gods). There are more, I believe.


    Listening exercise - should not punish between he vs. she!!!


    There are a clear thing: we are right and the programming wrong! Do you guys agree?


    "喝" is spoken too fast, sounds like something else


    We are asked to put the words in the correct order And she drinks iced tea is the only possible solution but when I give that solution every time I am told I am wrong. Problem with that exercise


    Make sure you have present tense


    Is the pronunciation of the last character cha2 an error in the audio or some kind of grammatical tone change? It does not sound like a 2nd tone cha. It's very low and flat maybe like a cha5




    Why do we get them wrong for the pronouns??


    She drinks cold tea.


    If 冰 means iced, then what is cold then ? Cause everyone seems to drink iced drinks not cold drinks


    He and she is the same 'ta' both should be correct it's annoying


    sounded to me like "taco bean cha" no matter how many times I played it over and over.. still a "K" sound on the 喝 so= taco


    They should make clear if we are talking about he or she...when you just listen to this sentence alone you cannot tell whether or not they want 他 or 她. It is frustrating like this.


    No it's not the same. There are two, o different characters, the left part of the character can be either "male" or "female". But I they are pronounced the same, "ta", maybe that's what you are referring to


    It says 'ta he' /she drinks now.


    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ you can buy yi ping bing cha in a shop and its not iced its cold from the fridge. A bottle of cold tea

    impractical dogmatic and frustrating.

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