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  5. "We are for it!"

"We are for it!"

Translation:Wir sind dafür!

November 22, 2017



So, I get that "wir sind dafür" is actually correct. But what makes "wir sind für es" wrong?


In this kind of constructions you can't have the "es" stand on its own, you have to merge it with the preposition.

It's only for "es", though. "We are for her" (we support her) would be "Wir sind für sie".

Cf. "Ich gehe hinein", not "Ich gehe in es" ("I go inside it") - but "Ich gehe in das Haus" (into the house). "Ich mache es danach", not "Ich mache es nach ihm" ("I['ll] do it after it/this") - but "Ich mache es nach dem Frühstück" (after breakfast).


dafür means on it.. how can be used as for it?

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