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Skills don't decay.

At his moment I am around last checkpoint and my skill are not decay at all. I didn't see any decayed lessons for a month.

How do you solve this problem ? What system of repetitions do you use ? Are you writing some scripts to keep decay system alive , then what formula for decay do you use ?

P.S. There was no such problem when I was finishing my French tree.

P.P.S. Does it help to reset a course ?

November 22, 2017



Most people complain that skills decay too fast.


Yes and no. Initially, I felt my skills were indeed decaying too fast, and that I was forever doing the same "Maria is from China; John is American" stuff. But for quite some time now, I have had the same problem as LightMor: skills just don't decay, and this does in no way reflect my actual skill level.

So I have created a file on my tablet to let me know where in the review process I am - otherwise I lose track.


Wait, is skill decay still a thing? I haven't seen that in ages, thought the feature was gone. Is it a bug?

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