"Take this medicine three times a day."

Translation:이 약은 하루에 세번 복용하세요.

November 22, 2017



Why "약은" and not "약을"?

November 22, 2017


both OK. whatever, 은/는 doesn't specify how the preceding noun works in the sentence. But 은/는 makes delicate differences.

e.g. (*: weird)
A "그 학교는 정말 커" : #'That school'# is so big.
A* "그 학교가 정말 커"

A: 어제 나는 학교를 갔다. : Yesterday I went to school (merely)

A: 어제 나는 학교는 갔다. : Yesterday I went to 'school'
B: 그럼 잤니? : Then did you sleep?
C: 도서관은 안 가고? : Didn't you go to library?

A: 어제 방이 깨끗했다. : Yesterday the room was neat. (merely)

A: 어제는 방이 깨끗했다. : 'Yesterday' the room was neat.
B: 오늘은 안 그래? : Not today?

A: 어제 방은 깨끗했다. : Yesterday 'the room' was neat.
B: 화장실은 더러웠니? : Was the toilet dirty?

Maybe you got the point. 은/는 can make comparative effect. This particle can be interpreted in various meanings by situation. Written above is just one of them.

Good luck!

November 22, 2017


하루에 세전 딱 세번 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

September 13, 2018
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