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  5. "너구리는 손을 씻는다."

"너구리는 손을 씻는다."

Translation:The raccoon washes its hands.

November 22, 2017



Before stealing your food


너구리, are raccoon dogs, which generally live in North-East Asia and are cousins of foxes and dogs. In Japanese folklore they are known as tanuki. The 아메리카 너구리 is the North American Raccoon. They both look very similar but are ultimately different animals.


Though, I think most Koreans use 너구리 to refer to both, so I think both answers should be accepted.


If that's true then it should be accepted. I'd like to hear from a native Korean speaker to be sure though. I don't think raccoon dogs are known for washing though, that's something raccoons are famous for and even named after in several languages.


KevinHoran is correct. Your average Korean will just say 너구리 for both raccoon dogs and raccoons.

When I was an interpreter for a Korean tour group visiting the US Rockies, we saw some raccoons, and everybody was like "너구리다!" My impression was that many were not even aware that raccoon dogs and raccoons were completely different animals.


The raccoon's more hygienic than some of you


Quite. Especially with the 코로나바이러스 about...


Trivia: North American raccoons wash their hands and their food.


in light of the recent 코로나19, i better see y'all take this raccoon's example


너구리 isn't a raccoon


It's a raccoon dog, which doesn't exist in America. People got angry earlier saying no one knows what a raccoon dog is, just change to raccoon. Haha!


It's not?

EDIT: Weird, don't know why the link above isn't working. Basically, Naver tells me it does mean raccoon.


It's not a dog. It's also not a raccoon. It is a "raccoon dog" - an animal which is unrelated to both dogs and raccoons. But it looks extremely similar to a raccoon and they're very difficult to tell apart, so I think it's okay if "raccoon" is accepted as an answer. (Like crocodile vs alligator.)


Well you're right that they are not dogs and not raccoons. But you are wrong saying they are not related to dogs. Both are in the family Canidae, just like foxes. They are more distantly related to raccoons too as they are both in the order Carnivora.

They have facial markings that are prettly similar to raccoons but unless you've never seen a raccoon I don't find them extremely similar.


Yes, please wash hands to stay safe during quarantine! :3


This reminds of a gif where a raccoon tried to wash cotton candy in a little puddle and started panicking when it dissolved xD


There may be a technical/scientific term for "paws" in Korean, but it is not used in everyday speech.

Otherwise, the usage is the same as in English, and animal "hands" are simply called feet (발). Just like how you would say dog feet, and not dog hands.

Unless they really do have hands and use them as such... like monkeys.


My thought as well.

발 = paw (for animals) / foot (for humans)


"The raccoon washes her hand" it must be its hand at least


I used 'their hands' and that was wrong too....


I'm not sure, but I think "their" would be used when reffering to more than one raccoon. Example: The raccoons wash their hands. But here there is only one raccoon so you can't say "The raccoon washes their hands" hope this helped:)


There is is no context given to explain whether the raccoon is a female or a male so it's not exactly correct to write her hands

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