Sentence discussion is missing?

I seem to be having trouble accessing one of the sentence discussions in the German from English section. It's the sentence "Es ist eine Verbesserung", and, when I search for it, the result that comes up links to, which simply returns a 404 error page.

I was able to access it last night from within the (Android) app, but, when I tried to get to it from the Web site right afterwards, I had the problem just described, which is still happening now.

Also, slightly off-topic : The reason I was trying to get to it from the site right after getting to it from the app is that I posted a comment from the app, and that doesn't seem to automatically cause me to follow the discussion. Is that a known issue that might get fixed in the future? Also, since I posted a few comments that way before realizing it, is there any way to find a list of all my comments, so I can find the ones I'm not following that I might like to?


November 22, 2017


I seem to be having trouble accessing one of the sentence discussions .......

Since the start of the rewrite of Duolingo's website, we all have that kind of issues in all the language courses.

Is that a known issue that might get fixed in the future?

That is a well-known isssue since Oct 3

... is there any way to find a list of all my comments, so I can find the ones I'm not following that I might like to?

Google tsnix

November 22, 2017

Thanks. I saw that there was a post about maintenance on October 3, but didn't even look at it. I figured, since that was almost two months ago, it wouldn't be related.

And, good call about the Google search. I really should have thought of that myself.

Thanks again.

Edit : Turns out, the Google search doesn't actually turn up all that many of my comments. Possibly, they haven't crawled all of the discussion threads recently enough? Does Duolingo itself really have no way of viewing all of a user's comments at once? That seems like a pretty obvious feature, and it's surprising that it would be missing.

Hi tsnix, I have exactly the same problems as you. The problem with discussion links giving a 404 is older than the rewrite of the discussions. My second (!) bug report on the issue dates from august. (Can't find the first any more, but that was ca. 2 months earlier). In the meantime I have at least 6 different discussions to which I regularly receive emails informing me about new posts. So obviously other people can access the discussion but all I get is 404. Whether I try the green button in the mail, the link from the sentence itself in the mail, or if I search for the discussion in the discussion forum, all I ever get is the 404 error.

Regarding sentence discussion not following automatically any more: This is the reason why I have given up learning on the app. Since the re-write of the website it is displaying quite nicely in the browser even on small screens which makes it usable on the smartphone. Advantage: even if the following is still not done automatically at least the button to follow a discussion is displayed so I can click it.

Having said that I must admit that I am not sure if that actually helps: Yesterday I came back into a discussion that I started following after the famous rewrite. There were replies to my post and even questions addressed to me that I had never seen before and about which I had not been informed by mail. So it looks like the "following" does not work in the way we would expect it to work (and in the way it used to work).

Well, like I said, I was able to get to the discussion thread from the app (after being presented with that sentence in an exercise), just not from the site. At a guess, that might also be how people are replying to your comments that you aren't able to access anymore.

Which, I guess, is the one advantage the app has over the site in terms of discussions. Otherwise, the app does a terrible job of displaying discussion threads, at least for me. For one thing, it always displays user's real names instead of their usernames. So you end up with someone referring to so-and-so's comment, which you can't find because their name is showing up as something completely different. Or with no name at all, if they left their real name blank. Then there's the fact that it doesn't show how old the comments are, so you have no idea if you're replying to something from years ago by someone who's not even around anymore.

And, yeah, even though I initially thought that it was just the app that didn't auto-follow discussions, I discovered after starting this thread (on the site) that I wasn't auto-following it, either. So, I guess auto-following just isn't a thing anymore at all. Which I suppose it fine, if people don't want to follow everything they post in. But, if that's how it's going to work now, they really need to add a "Follow" button in the app, so we don't have to go look the thread up on the site after posting through the app, just to be able to keep track of it.

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