"Where do you go on vacation?"

Translation:Voi unde mergeți în vacanță?

November 22, 2017

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Hello, I am a Romanian native speaker. This sentence can be translated to Romanian in multiple ways: First of all native speakers tend to use the verb "to go" as "a se duce" in general daily speech. "A merge" is "to walk". Also Romanian, like French and Turkish, differentiates between the singural and plural 2nd person pronoun, so to translate this, both "unde mergi" (singular) and "unde te duci"( singular) can be used. The English version of the course should include the mention about singular or plural and also the different ways of saying something, otherwise foreign people learning the language will learn it the wrong way and not be able to understand the other ways of saying the same thing. I know for a fact that Turkish has this interchangeability in it's learning course because sometimes I use a different word with the same meaning and it's deemed as correct.

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