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How to Invite a friend to join you on Duolingo

On the profile page, under Achievements, category Friendly is the goal to Invite a friend to join you on Duolingo. So my question is how to do this from the website in a way that Duolingo recognises? Can't find how to do this anywhere.

November 22, 2017



On my "Home" page, underneath "Leaderboard" I have the option to "Find Friends on Facebook," "Send Invite," or "Search."

If I click "Send Invite" I can put in my friend's email address and Duolingo should send them an invitation.



Thanks mate, I was just coming to post that I'd just discovered it. Looks like you beat me to it by a minute. Much appreciated. Sorry to trouble. I was looking in all the wrong places through profile and settings...up the top and down the bottom. Just came across it by accident.

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