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  5. "我还没有完成作业。"


Translation:I still haven't finished my assignments.

November 22, 2017


[deactivated user]

    I feel that "I haven't finished my homework yet" should also be correct.


    Could just as easily be: I still haven't finished the assignment/s /homework. Adding "my" is not significant and the plural is not necessarily implied.


    "I still haven't finished my homework" was rejected but should be accepted


    "I still haven't fknished my homework" wasn't accepted for me just now


    fKnished ? report the misspelling

    The owl doesn't know all the variants


    Why in plural? it can be "Assignment" i guess and "Hard" can be used instead of "\Difficult"


    it can literally just be I haven't finished my homework.


    God, this was annoying. Yes, "haven't finished" and "didn't finish" should both be correct.


    the most reassuring words to hear when you're a student


    I didn't finish my assignment yet should also be correct.


    should 我還沒有做完功課。 also, "I still haven't finished my homework" or "I still haven't finished my assignments" is better, since 還 represents the meaning of "still/yet" in thiis case.

    完成 seems a little bit unnatural in this case... like you're completing some important procedure or task for bureaucratic purposes.

    here you want to emphasize you are WORKING on your homework towards COMPLETION. so 做 is the verb associated with doiing homework, and 完 is a marker indicating completion.


    People have been reporting this for at least a year. Fix it already.


    What is 成? In previous skills we learned how to use 完 without that character as in 完吃...


    I still haven't finished my homework should definitly be accepted!!!


    It's way past a joke with this lesson.

    It won't even take: "I have still not finished my assignment".

    I think in all the course so far this is the worst lesson of the lot on several levels. It's obvious we are here to learn a course in very limited English, not Chinese.

    I'm a university trained post grad, and English is my native language, but what is it like for someone to learn this course if they are not a native speaker?


    Yet is unnecessary

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