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  5. "他一年后想买一个新的冰箱。"


Translation:He wants to buy a new refrigerator in a year.

November 22, 2017



"he's thinking of buying a new fridge after a year" was rejected. I'm thinking it's probably a reasonable translation.


Agreed. 想 can mean "think" as well as "want".


Bad Chinese. 他一年后想买一个新的冰箱 would mean "He will want in a year to buy a new refrigerator."

Correct order is



AGREED. This is an important distinction. Those sentences mran two very different things.



I would like to supplement that "他一年后想买一个新的冰箱" can also mean "He wanted a year later to buy a new refrigerator", if the time of reference is in the past.

Sorry for the unnatural order in English, which was only used to explain better.


There is a lot of good discussion happening here. I would like to add that my answer should be acceptable based off of the original answer (though others here have pointed out that the original answer may not translate well from the Chinese). I gave "He wants to buy a new refrigerator in one year." and was marked incorrect. This is the second time I have been told my answer was incorrect when I translated "一 + a measure word" into "one", whereas the answer they have is "an", not "one". Quite frustrating, as both answers should be acceptable.


After 'an' year can be accepted


...sounds a bit unnatural though. "An" usually only before a vowel sound.

[deactivated user]

    Is 台 an apropriate measure word to use with appliances such as a refridgerator?


    I think so? It's the measure word for 洗衣机 (washing machine) and 烘干机 (dryer)


    Why is 1 year not accepted ?

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