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  5. "That is my phone number."

"That is my phone number."


November 22, 2017



Is 那是我的电话号码。possible?


I wish I knew... That's what I put. I don't understand the difference in using 这 vs 这个 vs 那 vs 那个 .


there is not much of a real difference when actually speaking, technically "ge" is a measure word and functions sort of like an English article (but def not equivalent!) in the sentence but does not actually change the meaning


那个= That one 这个=This one 那=That 这=This

Correct me if I'm wrong


那个=that, 这个=this 那 and 这 is a short version of above, like congrats=congratulations


这 = This 那 = That 个 = Measure word you have to use in btween this/that and object (though there are different measure words for different objects)


Are you a native speaker?


It is not only possible, but much more commonly heard in spoken Mandarin.


It is possible. It accepted my answer. The 个 is just an emphasis here.


When is the 2-word "that" used, vs. the 1-word one?


My understanding is 那个 or 这个 are used if followed by a noun, or to say "this one" or "that one" in general.


个 is a classifier of numbers. So literally That one (number) is my phone number.


This makes sense. But I think the context matters here. So, without context, 那是 should have been accepted here


This makes sense. But you have to agree the Chinese sentence doesn't make sense contextually.


You can say 那是 is a more natural way to say it rather than 那个是; Yet I don't see why 那个是 would not make sense contextually. If someone has 2 pieces of post-it on the fridge, one having his phone number written on it, it is still possible that he would use this sentence. It does not sound weird to me.


Hi, I asked a chinese friend, and she told that both 那个是我的电话号码 and 那是我的电话号码 are ok, but the latter is used the most.


I don't understand the use of zhe or zhe ge or na vs na ge. I can't learn it from this app...


"ge" is called a "classifier". These classifiers are used in written but can sometimes be omitted in spoken chinese. Although the concept is difficult to understand, you can understand them as "measurement units". For example, the classifier for books is "ben", which can be translated as "volume": "一本书": one tome/volume (book). For more information you can check wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_classifier


Ge is a measure word in china we have many measure words in place, which you have to learn.


na is further. zhe is closer. for example that house (far) or this apple(close)

na=that zhe=this


It is confusing at first, but as we keep learning we'll start to get a feel of when it is right to use 那个 and when it is right to use 那.


na is further. zhe is closer. for example that house (far) or this apple(close)

na=that zhe=this


What will be more used 那个是 or just 那是?


Is it wrong to put zhe instead of na ge ??


I don't think its wrong. I think na = that and zhe = this. In real life, either way can be used.


I mean, I put 那個電話號碼是我的。 I think in real life this is correct/understandable/interchangeable too. Should be accepted, I think.


Is 那个电话号码是我的 incorrect?


Ok, "That is my phone number."... correct is "Na" (far) and not "zhe" (close) because I'm more likely to point to it on a billboard sign than to hand it on a piece of paper when offering the sentence to someone? That does not make sense to me. Why isn't "Zhe shi wo de dian hua" better than "Na ge shi wo de dian hua"?


It is possible. Imagine your number is written down on a price of paper and the person you are talking to is closer to it than you are, say, when you are talking on the phone.


So, my understanding is that if you say 那个是我的电话号码,this means "THAT is my phone number," but 哪个是我的电话号码?means "WHICH one is my phone number ?" But don't both of these sound the same when spoken ?? If so, then would it not be clearer to say 那是我的电话号码 to indicate that you mean to say "THAT is my phone number" ?


Is 'Ge' used for 'Na' to attach to? So it's almost like 'That thing'? (And thing can vary for different types of objects like a fruit or a blanket?)


What about 'na ge dian hua hao ma shi wo de.' I guess that says "that phone number is mine", but is the phrase correct or is there no situation where that's a correct phrase?


is 是 needed. I put it but I am not sure if it is correct grammar or just wordy


What would mean if I wrote 我的电话号码是那个? Could a sentence like that be used somewhere?


I usually say 那时我的电话号码 and leave out the 个


Cant you say 这是 in the begining? Cause according to google translate you can


Should be 这个, not 那个.

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