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  5. "我们没有办法,对不起。"


Translation:We don't have a solution, sorry.

November 22, 2017



Personally I think this phrase can be ambiguous and doesn't really have a direct translation without further context.


"Sorry, we have no solution." (not accepted!) I would have written "Sorry, there's nothing we can do." Except I was afraid they wouldn't accept it. Ha!


"We do not have a way to do that. I'm sorry." - should theoretically be acceptable


Sorry, we have no idea


This question uses 没有办法 but I'd already learned 没办法 in another context which seems to be a colloquial phrase that appears in several dictionaries in its own right.


Yes it is, which ought to mean it has more acceptable translations since it'd be difficult to find one most suitable English equivalent.


I tried we don't have the means which was rejected despite the fact that this is the most common definition. I am curious because we don't have the means is a different statement in English from we don't have the solution. Which is really meant in Chinese. We don't have the means can indicate right now as opposed to later for instance if we are short staffed or need an expert, while we don't have the solution implies we don't know how to solve the problem. Can a native speaker address? Thanks.


Hi! Native speaker here. The word 辦法 (same as the one above; this is traditional chinese) literally means 'idea' or 'solution'. For your sentence, the 'means' refer to a way of solving the problem using something (as shown, your mention of staff). However, the sentence above literally means 'idea' or 'solution', which is the end result instead of something in between. If you want to say 'the means', a more suitable word would be 方法, which is 'the way' (to do something), or, the means. Hope it helps!


Ugh. First I say: We don't have the answer, sorry. It was rejected. So I said: We don't have the solution. Sorry. And they rejected it because I said "the". :(


very common Chinese sentence - really hate it


Would "we have no idea, sorry" also work?


"We don't have any solutions" should be accepted. Much more natural.


In English, the sorry would DEFINITELY go first


First or last, both are natural and common.


We don't have a solution. I am sorry. <-- this is wrong because "I" am sorry as opposed to "we" ? FK OFF

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